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About 1972 Atkins

I have a basic FAQ written, that may help answer some questions. If I do not address your specific concern, please email me. I will answer you as quickly as I can and post any questions/answers on the FAQ page.

I’m sure there is a lot of confusion out there since, to my surprise, EVERYONE is jumping on the NET carbohydrate bandwagon. Also, I’ve heard (I don’t go to their website) that Atkins has introduced a “new and improved” version of this way of eating, by starting you out with 40 grams of net carbohydrates per day. Let’s do a little math with the cookie I discussed two paragraphs down. So, if you are now allowed (during your first week) to eat 40 grams of net carbohydrates per day, that’s roughly 7 of those cookies (7 grams of net carb) FOR A TOTAL OF 119 TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES IN ONE DAY! I would ask “What are they thinking?” but I already know the answer to that. Money. Atkins Nutritionals’ sales started dropping, so they needed to change things up a bit so people don’t feel so deprived. I get it. To me, this is a reflection of our society. Someone doesn’t like giving up everything they are used to eating? O.k. Go ahead and eat it. Does it make you feel fat to see you are wearing a size 16 pant? O.k. We’ll just change it so you think you are wearing a size 14 (they really did do this … these size 14 pants I’m so proud to be in would have been considered a size 16 years ago). We need to take responsibility for what we have done to our bodies! So, without further ado, for the first week of 1972 Atkins, you are virtually dropping down to zero carbohydrates. Salads are included for a bit of fiber and to add variety and you take vitamins to compensate for any lack you will experience. To support this statement, here it is in the words of Dr. Atkins himself:

Not Sixty Grams of Carbohydrates On The Diet But Zero Grams. Here’s how the diet is significantly different. During the first week on this diet, you cut your intake of carbohydrates down to what is biologically zero.

This creates a unique chemical situation in the body, the one favorable to the fastest possible burning of your body’s stored fat. Ketones are excreted, and hunger disappears.

You see, the first fuel your body burns for energy comes from the carbohydrates you eat and drink. If any carbohydrate is available, your body burns this rather than stored fat–and maintains its old metabolic pathways. But carbohydrates, as such, are not stored in the body beyond forty-eight hours.

So when no carbohydrate is taken in, your body must draw upon the major reserve source of fuel–the stored fat.

It is forced to take a different metabolic pathway. In this process your body converts from being a carbohydrate-burning engine into being a fat-burning engine.

This is the diet revolution: the new chemical situation in which ketones are being thrown off–and so are those unwanted pounds, all without hunger. — “Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution” (1972), page 13

The Diet Revolution Rules (from “Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution” (1972), page 138)

  1. Don’t count calories!
  2. Eat as much of the allowed foods (listed below) as you need to avoid hunger.
  3. Don’t eat when you are not hungry.
  4. Don’t feel you must finish everything on your plate just because it’s there.
  5. Drink as much water or calorie-free beverages as thirst requires. Don’t restrict fluids … but it is not necessary to force them either.
  6. Frequent small meals are preferable.
  7. If weakness results from rapid weight loss, you may need salt.
  8. Every day take a high-strength multi-vitamin pill.
  9. Read the labels on “low-calorie” drinks, syrups, desserts. Only those with no carbohydrate content are allowed.

The premise is simple.  The first thing you need to do is “shock” your body into burning your stored fat instead of carbohydrates consumed.  Then, slowly (5 grams of carbs per week) add carbohydrates back into your diet until you reach the point where you are not losing weight any longer, not gaining weight and not craving the carbohydrates we used to eat.  That’s it! In the original 1972 book, he called these levels.

So, how do you know hen your body is burning your stored fat instead of carbohydrates?  In both the 1972 and 1992 books, Dr. Atkins recommends using KetoStix (even Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” suggested using KetoStix to control ketosis).  For some reason, this has changed.  In my conspiracy-laden mind, I think it’s because the powers that be KNOW the new guidelines are not low enough in carbohydrates to bring on full-blown ketosis.  Then again, that is my conspiracy-laden mind! Also, Dr. Atkins originally counted carbohydrates as carbohydrates … period.  There were no net carbohydrates listed anywhere in his 1972 book.  I agree with this.  The perfect example was some sugar-free cookies I saw, made with Splenda.  Total carbohydrate count: 17 (net carbs were 7)! No one can tell me that would not affect your blood sugar!

My goal is to bring Atkins back to the basics.  To bring back what worked for 30 years.  To share with all of you how to adjust, deal with, and maintain your sanity while lowering your carbohydrate intake lower than you ever imagined. Not only will I be sharing my personal Atkins journey, I will be sharing recipes that can be eaten during level 1, the most restrictive level within Atkins.

Below is the list of foods, listed in the 1972 edition of “Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution”, for those on level 1:

Allowed Foods


Steaks, Corned Beef, Lamb Chops, Tongue, Hamburgers, Bacon, Any Kind of meat in any quantity ~ except meat with fillers such as sausage, hot dogs, meatballs, most packaged “cold cuts.” *Brenda’s note: watch ham and bacon. Many today have added sugar (so carbs).*


Duckling, Turkey, Chicken, Anything with wings ~ No Stuffing


All Fish, including canned salmon, tuna; any kind of seafood, including oil-packed and smoked, except oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, and pickled fish *Brenda’s note: Watch smoked fish, also. One brand of smoked canned herring has sugar, another does not.


Boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, omelet ~ any style and with no limitations


Salt, pepper, mustard, horseradish, vinegar, vanilla, and other extracts; artificial sweeteners; any dry powdered spice that contains no sugar.


Water, mineral water, club soda, beef or chicken broth, bouillon; sugar-free soda (make sure the label reads no carbohydrates … Zevia brand soda has carbohydrates); coffee, tea, decaffeinated coffee * Special note on caffeine: Because most heavy people have some hypoglycemia, coffee, which contains caffeine, should be limited to six servings a day (cups). If you know you have low blood sugar, better limit it to three.

Butter, Mayonnaise, Fats

Butter, oils, lard, mayonnaise, coconut oil (make sure there are no carbohydrates.  Some mayonnaise/mayonnaise blends contain a sweetener) Dr. Atkins also listed margarine and shortening.  I will only list shortening if you know what it really is made of. While I am not the healthiest eater on earth, I refuse to ingest margarine, canola oil, or “vegetable oil.”


Juice of one lemon or lime.


Four ounces a day of any hard, aged cheese. No cream cheese or cheese spreads.

Heavy Cream

Four teaspoons a day. Cream has less carbohydrates than milk (especially non-fat milk) – so don’t use milk.


Sugar-Free Jello (with whipped cream sweetened with an artificial sweetener)


Two small green salads a day (each less than one cupful, loosely packed) made only of leafy greens, celery, or cucumbers and radishes.  Dressings with vinegar, oil, salt, dry spices, herbs, grated cheese, or anchovies. Or else a sour pickle in place of a salad.

Salad Material:

Celery, Chicory, Chinese Cabbage, Chives, Cucumber, Endive, Escarole, Fennel, Lettuce, Olives (Green or Black), Green Onions (or Scallions), Pickles (Sour or Dill), Parsley, Green Bell Peppers, Radishes,  and Watercress.

 Salad Garnishes (examples):

Crumbled Crisp Bacon, Crumbled Pork Rinds (Plain or Hot and Spicy.  NOT Barbecue, which contains carbohydrates), Grated Cheese, Minced Hard-Boiled Egg


Prohibited Foods List

As many times as I’ve read this book, I completely forgot there is a list of  prohibited foods.

  • Bananas
  • Beans (except Green or Wax)
  • Bread
  • Cake
  • Candy
  • Cashews
  • Cereal
  • Chewing Gum
  • Cookies
  • Corn
  • Cornstarch
  • Crackers
  • Dates
  • Figs
  • Flour
  • Fruit, Dried
  • Honey
  • Ice Cream
  • Jam
  • Catsup
  • Macaroni
  • Milk
  • Pancakes
  • Peas
  • Pickles, Sweet
  • Potatoes, White
  • Potatoes, Sweet
  • Raisins
  • Relish, Sweet
  • Rice
  • Spaghetti
  • Sugar
  • Syrup
  • Yams
  • Yogurt, Sweetened


Here is a 7-day menu from “Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution” (1972), page 163.  I can’t guarantee I have all the recipes listed in this menu (will link to those as I add them) but this should give you an idea of something to eat.  Just remember: eat as much of the Allowed Foods above as you want (unless there is a restriction noted).  Your appetite WILL lessen over time (once your body gets accustomed to the lower carbohydrate amounts). Keep in mind that this menu (and the recipes listed) was written in 1972 and is a suggestion only. It is included just to give you an idea of what to eat. Please, get the book and read it. There are examples from Dr. Atkins’ patients that shows how varied their eating habits were (and he allowed it). Some patients ate all day and some only ate a meal or two. He never prohibited his patients from adjusting how they ate as long as they were eating on plan.

Day 1


Scrambled Eggs with Spicy Ham ( (watch out for added sugars in ham)
Diet Revolution Roll ( and butter
Bouillon, coffee, or tea


Cold cuts sandwich on Diet Revolution Roll ( with mayonnaise or mustard
1 cup of salad (loosely packed), oil and vinegar or a dressing from the recipe list (
Raspberry gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Chicken soup with Matzoh Balls (
Your favorite cut of steak
Caesar Salad ( with Caesar Salad Dressing (
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Baken-ets (pork rinds)
Stuffed Celery (basically celery with cream cheese)
Diet soda

Day 2


Eggs Benedict (poached egg) with Hollandaise Sauce ( on Diet Revolution Buttered Roll (, cut in half
Bouillon, coffee, or tea


Chicken Salad with mayonnaise and celery
Deviled Eggs Curry (
1 cup of tossed green salad, oil and vinegar or a dressing from the recipe list (
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Beef broth with Noodles (
Assorted seafood grilled with Lemon Butter Sauce
1 cup of lightly tossed salad, including green pepper, radishes, and celery
Roquefort Dressing #2 (
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Mixed cold cuts with mustard
Diet Revolution Roll (
Diet soda

Day 3


Cheese omelet with bacon
Diet Revolution Roll ( with butter
Bouillon, coffee, or tea


Deviled Ham stuffed into Ham and Cheese Rolls (cheese rolls are slices of cheese and ham rolled up together)
1 cup Romaine lettuce with Caesar Salad Dressing (
Diet Revolution Roll ( butter
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Coffee, tea, or diet soda


Stuffed celery with Gorgonzola
London Broil in natural gravy or Diet Revolution Open Roll (
Endive and parsley salad, with oil and vinegar dressing or a dressing from the recipe list (
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee or tea


Baken-ets (pork rinds) with tuna salad
Diet soda

Day 4


Austrian Souffle served with breakfast sausage
Diet Revolution Roll ( and butter
Bouillon, coffee, or tea


Bacon Cheeseburger on Diet Revolution Roll (
Green salad with oil and vinegar or a dressing from the recipe list (
Gelatin (any sugar free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Egg Drop Soup (boil chicken broth and slowly drizzle a beaten egg into the broth)
Caesar Salad ( with Caesar Salad Dressing (
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Ham and Cheese Rolls stuffed with deviled chicken
Baken-ets (pork rinds)
Diet soda

Day 5


Soft-boiled eggs with bacon crumbled in them
Diet Revolution Roll ( butter
Bouillon, coffee, or tea


Stuffed Lettuce (salad rolled up with tuna or egg salad) with hard-cooked eggs
Sliced green peppers, radishes, cucumber, and celery (about 1 cup, loosely packed)
Roquefort Dressing #2 (
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Antipasto (salami, green pepper, anchovies, prosciutto with oil, vinegar, and herbs)
Veal breaded in Diet Revolution Roll bread crumbs ( and fried
Lemon Butter sauce
Tossed green salad with Roquefort Dressing #2 (
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Bacon and Cheese Balls (cheese and mayonnaise mixed together, shaped into balls, then rolled in chopped up cooked bacon)
Diet soda

Day 6


Delicatessen omelet with mustard
Diet Revolution Roll ( with butter
Bouillon, coffee, or tea


Salmon salad on roll with melted cheese on top
Green pepper rings
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Chicken Dijon
Hears of lettuce salad with Roquefort Dressing #2 (
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Hard cheese and Baken-ets (pork rinds)
Diet soda

Day 7


Poached eggs with Canadian bacon
Diet Revolution Roll ( with butter
Bouillon, coffee, or tea


Hamburger Fondue (basically meatballs rolled in butter and baked on a cookie sheet)
1 cup Romaine lettuce with Caesar Salad Dressing (
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Shrimp Cocktail with Roquefort Dressing #2 (
Boiled lobster with melted butter sauce
Mixed vegetable salad with dressing from the recipe list (
Gelatin (any sugar-free gelatin)
Diet soda, coffee, or tea


Chicken Broth with noodles (
Green pepper stuffed with your favorite fish salad


130 thoughts on “About 1972 Atkins

  1. I find the original atkins is the only one that works for me, great page thank you! I am a little over 7 months pregnant and will be jumping back on this afterwards.
    1. OMG... I am so glad to have found this site. I have been following this "STUPID NEW ATKINS" for a bit over a month now and i have lost 3 lbs. I was starting to think my metabolism was dead, but now I know its not me..LOL. I did ORIGINAL ATKINS 10 years ago and lost 60 lbs in 6 months so i was confused as to why it was not working this time around. Also my teenage son started on this journey with me 2 days ago and i dont want him to be discouraged so i was really digging around to find out the truth,... thanks for the site its awesome..
    1. If you want to adhere to 1972 Atkins, pretty much. It was very limiting but I think that's why so many people had success with the initial weight loss. I view it as an elimination diet (at least that's the way my body treated it). You eliminate most carbs (except the needed fiber of the salad) during Level 1 and then slowly add them back in. The current modality of Atkins is pretty much the same but they allow much more during Induction. If this seems too restrictive, take a look at their website: (then come back here for more recipes :) ).
  2. I've been on this version of the diet for 5 days now, the sticks are purple, but I don't feel I'm losing weight. Am I eating too much? Dr Atkins said you can eat any of the foods in any quantity but don't eat if you're not hungry. I have been eating sometimes when I'm not hungry :(
    1. How purple are the sticks? When I get too deep into ketosis (darker purple) I'm dehydrated. I was not (and still am not) a big water drinker and had to bribe myself (I can have a drink of my coffee if I drink some water first) until I was drinking three large cups (32-ounces) per day. In regards to losing weight and how much you are eating, it takes a while for our bodies to realize they no longer need that many calories. In the beginning (even when I lowered my protein intake), I was eating like there was no tomorrow! Though I physically wasn't hungry, mentally my body just kept screaming, "MORE!" I let it happen, and I gradually stopped eating so much (I can't remember just how long it took ... maybe a month). Now (well, when I'm on track ... getting there), there are days when I'm lucky to get 800-900 calories in (so I have to eat a bit more). What I would suggest is weighing only once a week (obsessing about every ounce on the scale can be as addictive as a drug) and measure yourself. What I do is measure whatever area three times and write down the measurement I got two out of the three times. I know for a fact I'm not measuring my hips in the exact same spot using the same pressure as last time. That's why I do it that way. I lost inches well before I lost any pounds. Remember, this is a marathon, not a race. We are in this for the long haul, to become the healthiest versions of ourselves. It took me 40+ years to screw up my body so I just need patience and determination to allow it the time to repair and heal itself.
  3. Thanks for your reply Brenda :) The sticks are in the middle, so not too purple. I've been drinking about 1 to 1.5 litres of water a day, and also drinking a litre of pepsi light, the no caffeine no carb one (it's saving me I think, being such a sweet tooth) My whole problem with weight has been my sweet tooth, sugar cravings, and in this week I've had no caffeine and no sugar!!! After reading your post I've started following the plan also using my fitness pal. I weighed myself at the beginning but I haven't weighed myself since. I haven't measured myself at all. Really, I don't care to do that either, I just want to feel more comfortable in my clothes. In the last 2 days I am feeling slightly thinner and the headaches are much better, and I feel more balanced, happier. I think I was the same as you, eating like there was no tomorrow, but I feel I've gotten over that a bit now. I have watched a good deal of the first video you posted of those 2 Dr's and it's helped me understand that it's going to take my body time to adjust, so now I feel I'm on the right track at least. I started following the plan because a friend at work started it and she had lost 3kg in about 3-4 days, and in the first few days that didn't happen to me. However in the last 2 days I am feeling a bit thinner, so It's working, or starting to. One more concern I have, I feel quite weak physically in the afternoon, evening. Any suggestions for that? Thank you, Kerry
    1. Kerry, I'm glad the headaches have subsided. From the beginning, I never gave up caffeine and use artificial sweeteners a lot! I have my diet sodas every day (including diet energy drinks). The way I look at it: I gave up sugar ... if I give up caffeine, someone might get hurt. :) When I got tired in the afternoons (used to hit between 2 and 3 pm) I either had a scoop of protein powder or a big spoon (or two) of cream cheese (I tried things like streaky bacon but it took too long to boost my energy). That got me through the energy slump. It also kept the sugar/carb cravings at bay (I used to literally get the shakes, like withdrawals, for sugar). Once my body adjusted to lower carbs/no sugar, my energy levels remained more stable throughout the day. The ONLY reason I ever measured myself is because everyone kept saying how they were losing inches but no weight. It felt good seeing some concrete progress somewhere. lol
      1. It's the low carb flu because you ARE losing body fat rapidly. It may not show on the scale or too much in your body, but you are definitely losing fat at a fast rate and you are also withdrawing from either caffeine and/or sugar. I also read that when the body releases fat from the cells and there is no difference on the scale, it's because the cells have not begun to shrink yet and the body will eventually catch up and show it in scale weight.
  4. Hi Brenda, I Read the original Atkins book from years ago, I thought it said no caffeine? Anyway I've hit the caffeine hard for years, so I'm glad to ditch it. I wonder if because I've always used it I just need to adjust to what my body feels like normally without stimulants? Anyway I'll keep on keeping on and see how it pans out. I've watched those videos you put up and they were so helpful, thanks :D
  5. Hi Brenda, I am so glad I found your blog. I was on the new Atkins for a little over 2 weeks now with a very little progress. I wasn't seeing any results after the first week and I was becoming frustrated. Then I found out about Atkins 72 and can't wait to start over tomorrow. I have fee questions to ask if you don't mind. For the salads, can I use mixed greens that they sell in markets? Or does it have to be just lettuce? As for the cheese, would Mozzarella string cheese considered a hard cheese? If no, what are your choices of cheese for this phase, And one last thing. I know that this induction phase is for one week, but can I stay longer for more rests? Thank you so much in advance for helping me out!
    1. Welcome! I hope you find success. I did bagged salads but kept away from the ones with carrots and cabbage. I ate string cheese, cheddar (sharp), swiss, gouda (the harder aged one) and was known to eat a chunk of Parmesan or asiago when I REALLY needed something. For me, I needed less of the the stronger cheeses before I was satisfied. As for length of time, technically, I was eating at induction levels for a year. Of course, I also make sure to take my vitamins every day to compensate for my minimalist way of eating. Just listen to your body. When you think you are ready, then add to your eating. Just remember to do it slowly (I did one thing at a time).
  6. Why did you keep away from cabbage or broccoli, it's permitted in induction. it's the starchy vegetables that are off limits. You can have mixed greens, too. You don't have to limit yourself to iceburg lettuce. Mozzarella is string cheese and it's permitted as well. How about making yourself a cauliflower pizza crust and top it with your favorite toppings like bacon, sausage, caramelized onions, salame, basil, burrata cheese and mixed olives? Very delish and you'll lose weight, too.
    1. I did because of my body. My blood sugars were so out of whack that broccoli would spike them. Even excessive onion use would do it. I had to pare everything down to bare basics for a few months, then reintroduce slowly.
  7. I'm glad you caught that. How much weight have you lost? Mine is slow because at first I was on the low carb high fat plan for 20 days and I gained 6 lbs. OMG! But, the other culprit was I was still drinking my wine at night. I have since discovered that alcohol and a weight loss do not a good match make, so I put the wine on the back burner until I lose a significant amount of weight. My goal is 130 lbs. I'm 5'6", and 59 years old. What are your numbers. My starting weight was 192.7 lbs. and switching to Atkins 72, I'm now 187.3. However, it still didn't dawn on me to put the wine down and losing and gaining the same pound over and over; insanity. Once I stopped having my 2 glasses of red wine at night, I started losing weight more consistently. I haven't lost as much as I'd like, but I also resumed my resistance training and perhaps that'll speed things up. I'm 100% on plan now and it can only get better. One last thing, like you with the broccoli and cabbage, I stay clear of all Frankenfoods and desserts. I've had too many stalls to start them up again. Tell me about your journey.
    1. I'm so happy you are doing well! That's a great loss in weight! I originally started NANY in 2010, got off all my meds but lost so slowly that I was looking for any excuse to stop. I was 220 pounds at 5'6" and managed to make it into onederland (199 pounds) for about a minute. Once I stopped, I gained back about 10 pounds and stayed there until August of 2013. When I restarted (blood sugars were out of whack again but refused to take meds), I was 211 pounds. It took me a year of Atkins 72 then Keto but I lost 49 pounds (162 pounds). In my head, that doesn't seem like a lot but when I look at pictures and the clothing sizes I'm wearing now (size 14 jeans and medium tops) I am thrilled! I've gained a bit back (currently at 177) because through this process, I went from being allergic to all seafood (that's when I found out I had type 2 diabetes) to 5 years later being able to eat it again, I've been scarfing everything in sight (from shrimp scampi to beer battered fish)! I was desperate to get every kind of seafood into my system before my body figured out it made a mistake and took back my glee. :) I'm still thrilled, still fitting comfortably into my size 14 jeans and still have stable blood sugars. Now, I just have to get off my rear and cut back the carbs again. :)
  8. Thanks for sharing. I love success stories. I find they motivate me to do even better. Last week, I've begun to incorporate resistance training into the mix 4x a week. It's short and to the point. I spend 15 minutes on my upper body and 20 minutes working abs, glutes & thighs. These are very challenging workouts and I have to take frequent breaks, but if I stick with them, I'll be in the best shape of my life, since the military over 30 years ago. Today, I weighed in at 186.7 from 1927. It wasn't until February 16, when I stopped drinking wine, my weight loss began. Anyway, my size is a 10-12, thanks to my DNA and I believe years of working out, even when I diet wasn't the best. My goal is 130 lbs. for my 5'6" height and the key to my happiness, I've discovered, is that I had to educated myself on maintenance. I am a yo-yo dieter and I need to cut the strings to that "yo-yo" once and for all. I've lost and gained weight so many times, it'd become routine to me, until now. My main goal is to study maintenance thoroughly and plan my days and evenings. Know what works and what doesn't, and weigh everyday, staying within a 5 lb. range. No more excuses.
    1. Well, your best bet is to either look on Amazon or Ebay for the original Atkins book (1972) or search in thrift stores (that's where I got my copy and all subsequent copies of the other versions of the Atkins diet).
  9. Thanks so much for this post. I did '72 last summer and lost 30lbs quickly. I gained some back due to no other reason but eating whatever I wanted to, no excuses. Now I want to get rid of the 12lbs I gained back and I want to know if I can use the Atkins Advantage shakes on this version for just breakfast. The shakes are 5g of carbs, this would be my only carb intake for the day. Thanks.
    1. It's really up to you. If you are a "go by the book" person, then no. If you aren't, then give it a shot and if you don't see any results, cut them out and maybe replace it with some type of meat. I always had a problem in the mornings. If I ate anything that would digest quickly (heck, even straight-up whey protein powder), I'd be starving by mid-morning. So, I had to make sure I had some type of meat handy. Best of luck this time around!
  10. Thanks so much Brenda. I'm going to eliminate the shakes and go back to the breakfast I enjoyed last summer-a can of tuna with a tablespoon of mayo. It was filling and I remained satisfied until lunch time.
    1. If you can tolerate nut milks, what about unsweetened Almond milk (30 calories per 8 oz.) and 4 ice cubes, sweetened with DaVinci sugar free syrups. My favorites are the French & Madagascar Vanillas, Coconut, and Chocolate. I put them in a blender and it comes out a thick and creamy milkshake. I also use the fruit flavored DaVinci sf syrups to make Italian sodas. I use my Soda Stream to carbonate my water. The DaVinci sf syrups are 0 calories and 0g carbs. Total calories for a milkshake is 30. Total calories for an Italian soda: 0!
  11. Your comments RE the "Akins Corporate Entity" rather than Dr. Atkins and his original intent are spot on. I've done a plan that closely mirrors '72 Atkins for the past 15 months (Dr. Westman's No Sugar No Starch) that only expands the above to 20 total carbs a day and have lost nearly 100 lbs with no hunger. I see so many other people gleefully counting their net carbs on fake commercial breads, bars, shakes and the like who complain they aren't losing and then quit. I know if I was an uninformed desperate person who read the crap Atkins Corp is pushing (40 net carbs, eat our cookies and bars and shakes and candy and lose weight) I'd probably fall for it. and fail. And then quit even more depressed. Maybe there's a reason you see only celebrities pushing their crap - where are their "real people" success stories....if they have any, Thank you for addressing this.
    1. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss! I'm so happy this way of eating has helped you. I'm sure there will be people out there who will have some success on the new Atkins corporation's plan but I'm not sure how long that success will last once people move back to real foods. Then again, isn't that usually the case? If a person doesn't fundamentally change their attitudes about food, they will end up in the same boat as before (funny, hubby and I were just talking about this. We personally know 5 people who have had gastric bypass surgery. 3 of those have gained back all their weight plus more).
  12. Thank you for this site. I was looking trying to find the original way of eating this way. nothing has worked for me except the original way.
  13. I have been on the "new" Atkins diet now for 6 full weeks with no weight loss. I have never had over 25 carbs and shoot for 20 a day. On the atkins site when I go for advice on what I am doing wrong they say too much artificial sweetener, diet pop and diet diet jello yet all these things say 0 carbs. Then, what about all of the atkins products and sugar alcohols? Are they not allowed in the original diet or were they not even available then? I really love the idea of no/low carbs for so many reasons in addition to losing weight, but i am NOT losing weight and I am following the book. The new book. Please help! J
    1. None of those Atkins products were available when the original book was published. Dr. Atkins pretty much stressed real food (except for his use of soy flour and support of Sugar Twin, which I can't even find any more). Are you trying to lose a lot of weight? I've noticed it tends to go much slower, the less weight you have to lose. I used to see people losing enormous amounts of weight and get so frustrated. Come to find out, they lost so much because they initially had 200+ pounds to lose. Once they got within 100 pounds of their goal weight, the weight loss slowed dramatically. The less weight you have to lose, the slower you will lose it (in 2013, I'd say I had roughly 60 pounds to lose to be at goal and it took me a year to lose 49). When you say 25 carbs, is that total carbs or net carbs? There is an awful lot of wiggle room between total carbs and net carbs. I would (if you aren't already) solely focus on total carbs. Also, are you eating a lot of dairy? Some people seem to have better initial success by limiting the amount of dairy they eat. I'm also not like many others. I support the usage of artificial sweeteners, if it will keep you from scarfing a whole box of cookies (or getting violent). I've never limited my usage (except when I switched from powdered Splenda to liquid for a while). My diet soda keeps me sane. I also support virtually no vegetables (or fruit) for the first week or two. I did it longer than that, then slowly added one item per week (due to my blood sugar issues). If you aren't really grouchy the first few weeks, you haven't limited your food choices enough. :) Also, be sure to drink your water AND measure yourself. I can't tell you how many weeks I didn't lose (or would gain) but lost inches. When measuring yourself, it doesn't matter if you are measuring in the right place, as long as you measure the SAME place each time.
  14. So happy to have found this blog . . . just started Atkins about five days ago. I have scale phobia so I am not getting on the scale but using LoseIt! to monitor my carb intake. I am over my 20 grams a day due to veggies so I need to lower the amount of veggies. I am doing this to lose weight, but after all the millions of diets I have tried, I feel more clear-headed and energetic. I have tried plant-based diets but I always felt lethargic - I have no idea why this works for me it does. After months of not wanting to even walk, I got up yesterday and without any effort had the energy to go walking down at the beach! I was going to order the book again, but your site has given me the information I was looking for. Thank you!
    1. If you can find a copy of the original book, please buy it! I truly loved reading it and it gave me the realization that each of our bodies are different. I had been blaming myself (and my body) for the newer versions not working. I had tried very few diets in the past (a low to no fat one just about sent me to the hospital) and was so excited when I read the original book. It's so much simpler. If you can't order one, check out used book stores or thrift stores. That's where I found all of mine.
  15. I'm confused about the vegetables. No green bean or cauliflower? I don't see any cooked veggies. No creamy salad dressings? For the other foods like meat should we measure it? How many ounces per serving are we allowed? I've been following the new atkins for almost 3 weeks. I lost 6 lbs and gained 3 back. Not cheating.
    1. I completely understand your confusion. In the original Atkins plan, the only vegetables allowed during Level One ("induction") were roughly two cups of salad (and that was just to get some fiber to prevent constipation ... look at Salads and Salad Materials above). As for the creamy dressings, most have some sort of carbohydrates or sugars in them. If you were to make your own, and wanted to substitute that for the heavy cream, that would be o.k. but he does not mention sour cream until after you complete Level One. Dr. Atkins did not advocate measuring/weighing meats. You basically eat those until you are full, supplementing your diet with any of the other foods listed. Now, this (Level One or Induction) is only for a week, unless you feel you need to go longer than that. One thing to note (and this is for everyone): watch bouillon! I just found out my husband has a gluten sensitivity (we won't know for another week or so if it's Celiac disease) and the Knorr powdered chicken bouillon has wheat in it (along with Kikkoman Soy Sauce). Others (like "Better Than Bouillon") have corn syrup/sugars in them. Be very diligent when reading labels.
  16. Back in the early 80's I lost 30 pounds in 3 months on the original Atkins - which was my goal - no diet has worked as well since then..but I swear I remember eating air popped popcorn as a I wrong??
    1. I don't see any mention of popcorn, just the admonition to stay away from corn. It's funny. I've read this book several times and did not remember there is a list of foods to never eat. I'll change the page above, and include that list.
  17. Hi ladies, this blog is awesome... i am so glad i ran into it. I started the Atkins diet (from one of the new books), a couple of days back, but for some reason, I feel absolutely no side effects from cutting down my carb intake. I haven't jumped onto the scale since starting but fact that i feel pretty normal made me a little suspicious... hence how i found this blog. I did the original Atkins for the 1st time about 10 years back and i could swear the 1st 3/4 days were dreadful BUT i lost a very significant amount of weight in just those few days. This time around, i feel absolutely no different from how i felt before starting on the new version of the diet, so i'm starting to wonder if I've messed up my diet buy including veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, onion, spinach, avocado, capsicum, and tomato? please advice so that if its possible that the inclusion of the above foods isn't doing me any favors, i can cut them off starting NOW!!!!! and again.... this blog is too awesome!
    1. Thank you! If you want to lose much slower (especially without the initial water loss) then keep eating the way you are. Otherwise, I would drop most of those vegetables. Take a look at how many total carbohydrates are in each of those. I think cauliflower is the lowest (hence why there are recipes for cauliflower pizza crust all over the place). I was mad when I actually looked at mushrooms. I had made mushroom pizzas (you know, a huge portobello mushroom with pizza toppings) and gained two pounds overnight (of course, I ate two of them). So, that's when I started looking everything up (total carbs) and began ditching most vegetables for the first week or two. Then, add one back and see if you slow down too much (or gain). Then, you know what not to add back to your menu yet. I'll tell you this. My husband was in the hospital. The first night, I was too tired to eat. The second night, I had insomnia and was depressed so I ate everything in site. I gained 5 pounds that one night! Since he came home (this past Saturday) I've been back on plan. I have dropped 6 pounds (in 4 days) and have been one crabby nurse! I'm feeling much more normal today (and thankfully did not get the low sodium headache this time).
    2. I borrowed the book "the Atkin Essentials" from friends. I remembered being on this when I was in my forties. I am now 69. Anyway my husband had 10 lbs to lose and I have 50. I weighed in at 210 and have lost 7lbs in the past 12 days and my husband lost his ten lbs. I am happy with this and adhering to 20 carbs a day but sometimes have less. I noted that I didn't want as much protein in the morning. Instead of two eggs and three bacon I feel full eating one egg and two bacon. I keep track of the veggie count for carbs and am mixing it up with cabbage, cauliflower, peppers etc. I was wondering where I could get a copy of the 1972 and found it on Amazon. It's on the way now. Happy to have found it. I found this blog by accident. Enjoyed reading all the comments. Very helpful too.
  18. I've been doing the 40 net carbs version of the New Atkins since early June. I had lost 20 lbs, over the course of a year, just doing grain-free. accident, thyroid slowdown and I was getting less exercise and eating dried fruit (OMG, the carbs!). I regained 12 of the 20 (started at 184, goal 150, at 5'5" and in my 60's.) Got my thyroid better regulated, but no weight loss. So started watching carbs more, and lost 2 of the 12. Grrr. Since 6/6/15, I am down another 5, and only 5 away from my lowest weight pre-accident. I think that the reason that I am losing (I don't mind slow, seriously) is that I am, and will remain, grain-free for the rest of my life, and because I make sure to do what the site says: make sure that the bulk of the carbs come from a list of low carb veggies. Also, I drink only rarely, if at all, since alcohol is neurotoxic, and I had a concussion. BTW: the rule of thumb for those who do drink, on the "new" Atkins is to limit to red wine, and then no more than a bottle/week (about 5 small wine glasses per week). I am very intrigued by this site, and the original Atkins diet; thanks for your hard work to run it.
  19. I tried the net carb and it doesn't work for me. Eleven net carbs and the Keto stix didn't even turn pink, much less purple. Going back to the 1972 plan. Thank you for you blog.
  20. I still read this often to keep me on track. This article has helped me so much. Thank you and surely would love to hear more on journey.
  21. I have a question--since original Atkins induction does not seem to allow anything on salads except oil and vinegar and some spices, why do the meal plans include recipes with salad dressings that have sour cream? If I can put sour cream on my salad, why can't I put Worchestershire Sauce in my tuna salad?
    1. It's probably because there are molasses and sugar in Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire sauce. If there is another brand that does not contain sugar, I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed during induction.
      1. I get that brendanolen, but the total carbs in Worcestershire is 1 gm/serving which isn't more than sour cream. Why are certain foods forbidden rather than just saying "stay under 5 carbs per day" or something?
      2. Dr. Atkins explains his reasoning in his book. Please purchase one on either, another online bookseller, your local library may have a copy, but don't rely on someone else's opinion and guessing may cause more harm than good. It's always a good idea, if you're going to embark on a lifestyle change, to get as many facts from the authority as possible. Good luck to you.
      3. You are right, Linda. There is so much more in the books than I can even begin to write about. Martha, I can only address your concern from my personal experiences. Not all carbohydrates are created equal. Each body reacts differently to foods. Too many out there say, basically, "A carb is a carb." If that were true, then you should be able to eat as much refined sugar, honey, molasses, etc. as you want as long as it is within your carbohydrate limits for the day. My body does not agree with that way of thinking (or eating). I do my best to encourage everyone to read Dr. Atkins' books. I would never copy everything he wrote and post it in my blog. This blog is for me to share the basics and how my body dealt with it.
    1. Yeah, I found all of mine at two thrift stores here (so shocked I found the recipe book, too). I always wondered what they were thinking when I walked out of there with a shopping cart full of Atkins books. lol
  22. Thank you so much for putting this information out there for frustrated folks like myself! I did the new version of Atkins for 3 weeks. The first week I was down 8 lbs- YAY! Then a coworker gave me an Atkins meal bar. Total destruction. About a day later(yes one single day) all 8 lbs were back and have not budged. I should have known better - they actually tasted good so I budgeted them in as a dessert. Now I'm ready to start over with the original Atkins '72. I do have one question- if the salad is included merely to provide the fiber to prevent constipation, can I skip the salad and just take a fiber supplement such as metimucil? I have been eating salads everyday but this has still been an issue for me so I'm thinking that it still may not be enough fiber. Any thoughts?
    1. You can (as long as it's sugar-free) or the pills. I did for a while when I switched over but ultimately it was like my body just digested the food slower and I had fewer movements. And those bars ... they are too good (doesn't matter if it's low carb if I eat the whole box).
  23. I did the Atkins ORIGINAL plan after two babies - first in 1973 and then in 1978. Both times it worked magic. Within 3 weeks I was back down to 112 - from a 20 pound weight gain with each. I no longer have the book (big mistake I made getting rid of it!) but I recall my little paperback saying that "farmer cheese" was just about the only one allowed. I didn't have any idea what farmer cheese was. I don't find that in the 1972 book I now have. The list of foods acceptable seems different. There were also no salads on my plan. I went totally with protein foods and no greens for 3 weeks. Is my memory faulty? Do you know which edition of the book is actually the original? Mine says it's published by David McKay Co, New York - publication date 1972. It's a hardback edition. I actually like this plan in the book I now have so will follow it but I often think I'm losing my mind when I find the list of acceptable foods to be different from what I remember.
    1. I have no idea! I know (now that you mentioned it) that my edition was published by Bantam in 1973. I also know (through other research) that the harder the cheese (the longer it cures), the less milk sugars (therefore, the less carbs).
  24. When you say I can eat as much as I want on the list of foods and then I read Mr Atkins example of the first week food it appears in a toy contradicts itself and I just want to make sure that it's not just me but when I read that menu is so it doesn't look like all you can eat fish or I can eat chicken so maybe you could help clarify thank you
    1. Fish and chicken are perfect! The way Dr. Atkins viewed his plan was during phase 1 (basically induction), except for the salad and anything else he put limits on, you can eat as much as you want and our body's appetite will naturally adjust over time. I know when I first started, I was ravenous. I could not get enough food. Then, over time, I ended having to force myself to eat to keep my strength up.
  25. Update from my last post, my weight is now 172.7. A total loss of 20 lbs. Here's my mystery: I've gone from a size 12/14 to an 8, and I look slimmer than I did at 150 lbs. What's the dealio with that? Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful everyday that I rediscovered Atkins '72 and me and my husband's health markers are excellent. As a matter of fact, he's off the statins. Anyway, I read an article on, and it stated that we shouldn't "force the fat" and I wondered what that entailed and read more that we don't need to add more fat to our meals, because our meals should already have the necessary fats required. In short, when we add more fat like butter, oils, etc., we don't give our bodies a chance to burn stored fat because it's so busy burning the fat we just consumed. Okay, that was my 2cents worth.
    1. Congratulations! Yes, most of the foods we eat should contain the fats our bodies need for fuel. The only time I had issues with fat amounts was when I was eating a lot of naturally low fat meats (you know, skinless chicken breast, pork loin, tuna in water, etc.). I also noticed the same thing. The last time I was this size (when I was 24) my face was much fuller and I had much more body fat.
  26. The one and only time I ever found success with a diet & minimal to no exercise was this one. This was back in 1994 and I lost about 40 lbs of pregnancy weight. Back then the diet also consisted of taking pills. If I recall correctly, it was a muti vitamin, chromium picolinate & seems like something else... Anyway... I know the diet doesn't include any of the pills any more. Is the diet still as effective as it was back then with taking the pills along with the diet?
    1. I have taken a multivitamin (plus extras for my other health issues) every day since my type 2 diagnosis, so I can't say if that makes a difference or not. The chromium picolinate was (if I recall correctly) to help curb the carbohydrate cravings (?). I think eating all the garbage before (and not getting the right nutrients) was one of the factors that lead to my health issues, so I will always take the vitamins.
  27. Hi Brenda, I started Atkins 72, 3 weeks ago 3rd week thus week and I have only lost 5lb which is not bad but my first week mother nature visited so not really taking that week into account. My ketone stix are dark purple and at the moment I am not hungry and I'm not having any breakfast will that make a difference to my weight loss because I don't want to eat for the sake of it. Also I am obsessed with the weighing scales. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks Carrieanne
    1. Congratulations. 5 pounds is great! The dark purple on your keto stix means you are dehydrated. I always liked to keep mine in the moderate range (I have always had moderate kidney issues and they immediately tell me when I'm not drinking enough water). As for breakfast, eat it or don't. There are tons of people who have to have breakfast or they can't make it through the day (thus end up eating garbage at lunch). Some days I MUST eat something, other days I don't need anything until lunch. When I really started keeping track (like on MyFitnessPal) and noticed an extreme drop in calories, I would eat a little something. A bite of this or a piece of that (this is where quality lunch meat or pre-cooked bacon comes in handy). I used to (pre-any diet) go an entire day with only eating a small sandwich and that was about the time I weighed the most. I know now my body was in starvation mode and was hoarding every bit of calories it could. I still have to watch myself because I get so caught up in activities that I just forget to eat. As for the scale, pick a day and force yourself to weigh once a week. If that's too much right now, drop it down to two or three times a week until you are ready to weigh once a week. I have gained (and lost) up to 3 pounds overnight on more than one occasion and it was driving me crazy. Who knows what the stress of that alone was doing to my body? :) Also, be patient with yourself. It takes a while for our bodies to realize they aren't going to starve to death without the carbs.
  28. Thanks Brenda, I thought the darker the purple was the better as I do try an drink alot of water. I have read some of the other comments and noticed that people are loosing inches but not showing on the scales. I have not measured myself just going by the scales. It's a new day tomorrow so I will measure myself and weigh and see if I can go a week without weighing, I gets a bit obsessed with weighing 😂. Thanks
  29. Big thank you for taking the trouble to share your weight 'life' with us, I used the original Atkins book back in 1978 and had to go back to my company's hq three times to get smaller uniforms, there was no doubt or hiding the fact that I literally shrank. And I kept the weight off for many, many years. Then my insides started to 'play' up and I gained weight, my digestive system suffered and I have to have colonoscopies every 6 months AND my knees are dodgy as I had polio aged 6. I dropped from 167.5 to todays' weight of 141.5 and today, whilst searching for a copy of the original Atkins book, I found your blog. You write about Weight Watchers and your time following that system but I can't seem to find a post on your blog when you changed over to the Atkins system. Healthwise I find this system amazing but confess to missing fruit desperately during the first few weeks, I remember that I used to lick the cut lemons for that jolt of citrus! But now at 65 and with dodgy knees and a silly digestive system, it is time to lose these 25 lbs. So thank you so much for writing this blog and to your readers who have posted their input as well. Stay happy and healthy everyone. Sara aka Sally.
    1. My apologies for waiting so long to respond. I have never used Weight Watchers. I have thought about it now and again but that is as far as I have ever gotten with it. I hope you are doing well this time around. I was never a huge fruit eater so I did not miss that except when confronted with the fruit trees that grow in my neighbor's yard (and hang over our fence). Thankfully, once you get into maintenance, apricots seem to be the lowest in carbohydrates. :)
  30. Hello all, boy am I glad I found this blog. I have been attempting the new atkins now for two weeks. After 2days I felt so bad that I went right back to a sugar orgy. Of course I felt better right away, I will not let these demons conquer me. My struggle with sugar goes back to my childhood and I consider it my primary addiction. In my early 20s and 30s I could stay slim by switching to other addictions. Then I went to nursing school in my 40s and gained 40 lbs while in school and then working. So, here I am after retiring and I am stuck at 165-170. My goal is 140. I did the atkins diet exactly 40 years ago when I could no longer fit into the costume I was required to wear. It worked like a charm. Of course, I went back to bingeing when I no longer need to wear the costume. This time I am determined to get to my goal, costume or not. I may have to age, but I don't have to be old and fat.
    1. I understand those first two days, especially when the foods that tempt me the most are within my arm's reach. I wish you the best of luck this time and remember, if you slip you can always begin again.
  31. Dear Brenda, Thank you for your blog; it's so informative! I am curious to know what your opinion is about including mixed nuts (minus cashews) on the 1972 Atkins? I had thought this was originally permitted, or is my memory deceiving me? Thank you
    1. I am so sorry about how long it's been since you asked this question! I just now saw it! Page 145, when he's discussing slowly adding 5 grams of carbohydrates each week, he writes, "There are other things that you might think would be terribly fattening, but they are not very high in carbohydrates. Example: certain kinds of nuts-walnuts, pecans, brazils, and macadamias-are the most suitable. One ounce of these averages under five grams of carbohydrates." That is the only time they are mentioned (generally) in the book. That's funny. According to the index, almonds are not mentioned at all!
      1. Thank you so much! That's what I thought! I do remember eating quite a few mixed nuts and I got really lean - it really surprised me that I was able to consume that much, to be honest. It truly is the best version of his diet. Thanks again! Xx
  32. The original Atkins diet worked for me twice with great weight loss..even after three days. I have just bought the new Atkins and know by reading it that it will be unsuccessful. And I have just paid 30 euros for the book and postage. Not happy. So thank you so much for your site..I am so glad I found you. Maggie
  33. I thought it was me. I thought I was the only person that lost incredible weight every time I cut carbs per the Atkins 72 original diet that didn't lose on the "new" diet. Then I remember that Dr. Atkins died and the corporation took over making money off "bars, drinks, meals" and anything else they can sell you. For some 40 years the public and those (mad) scientists called him a quack and wouldn't you know he passed away before society figured out he was right all along. Sad. I have used the original diet for years. It is the ONLY diet that works for me....and it works quick. Yes, there are some sacrifices (I miss my ice cream!!!) But it's the most doable, crave less less I've ever used. Over the years I've learned to be very creative in what I eat. I keep deep fried hooters wings on hand (Unbreaded!) and always have a cooked steak or cheese on hand to grab and go. I do buy the new Atkins drinks but I count the TOTAL carb count, not the one the company claims as they count sugar only. The worst thing for me is breakfast and you MUST eat breakfast. I guess that metabolism has to get going. Dr. Atkins would roll over with what the "corporation" has done to his original diet. Very sad. I'll stick with the original, thank you!!
  34. Ruthie, who said, "YOU HAVE TO EAT BREAKFAST"? Those same "mad" scientists you mentioned in your post, did. You don't have to eat breakfast. Actually, Intermittent Fasting is encouraged on a low carb program. You can skip meals, if you are not hungry. You eat only when hungry. The beauty of this way of eating (woe) is that fats and proteins keep you full longer, so IF is one way you lose weight so quickly. For more info, please visit I am not affiliated with this site in any weight, shape, or form. I just love reading their articles and success stories. The other thing you mentioned is missing your ice cream. Actually, I had a small bowl of vanilla chocolate chip ice cream last night. I also made my husband triple chocolate ice cream. I use almond milk and/or a non-dairy coconut beverage I purchase at Trader Joe's. They are both unsweetened and contain only 1g of carbs. I also use heavy cream and follow a standard ice cream base recipe. Ruthie, you CAN have all kinds of desserts, if you choose to. You just have to look for low carb desserts. In closing, I would ditch the Atkins Corp's drinks, totally. Make yourself some iced tea, lemonade, Italian sodas with DaVinci SF syrups, etc. There are so many new low carb chefs/cooks popping up now. I make breads, cookies, cakes, etc. I hope this helps you. There is no need to miss anything, anymore.
    1. Actually, if I remember correctly (my replacement '73 version will be here soon) Dr Atkins recommended NEVER being hungry, eating small meals through the day, was recommended, including breakfast. The reasoning is that The diet is basically designed to avoid insuline shift as much as possible. Insuline spikes and dives, both cause weight gain/plateau.
  35. THANK YOU!!!!!! I am at my wits end with weight issues. Recently my husband reminded me of a bar b q sauce that I had made from a diet book years and years ago-----he loved it as did I . Well, I started searching for the recipe and have been unable to find it, its not in the New Atkins book which I believe is 15 years old. I also remembered losing on the ATKINS diet until stopping it because a doctor told me how it was going to clog my arteries. Well, I want to do Atkins again and your blog is inspiring me to go for it, I do have one complication which is I'm on a blood thinner (COUMADIN) which means I have to keep count of vitamin K. i WILL do it as I must lose weight, I want to feel better and enjoy my granddchildren! Has anyone had the experience of doing Atkins while taking Coumadin? Also Brenda, dear dear Brenda, is it possible for you to look and see if any of your older books have that Bar B Que sauce? Thank you so very much. Judy
    1. I will look after my exercise in the morning. As for the Vitamin K, since really the only reason he wants us to eat salads is to keep us regular, are there any fiber supplements you can take, in case you experience constipation? OH! I'll make this a post itself but when I updated my Amazon store (link is over there), I noticed a lot more copies of the original Atkins book are available.
  36. I'm surprised your physician did not provide you with a check list of foods to avoid, especially dark greens, like spinach. They have a tendency to block your medicine absorption and can encourage blood clots. As a professional cook in a senior living facility, a lot of my diners are on blood thinners, namely, Coumadin and cannot eat dark, leafy greens. You should fine on Atkins, just refrain from the dark greens I referred to. I found this in my research for you: Warfarin, also referred to by the brand name Coumadin, is involved in a well known drug-nutrient interaction with vitamin K. Vitamin K may interfere with warfarin by reducing its effectiveness. For patients prescribed warfarin, some dietary precautions focusing on vitamin K-rich foods may be warranted. Discuss with your physician. Take care
  37. Thank you so much for posting all of this. I remember doing so well on Atkins back in the 80s. I don't do as well now and thought it was my age I am excited now! I am going to start the 1972 way on Saturday. I remember my best friend and I making those Atkins rolls with eggs and just a few other ingredients. Do you have that recipe? I am hoping I can find the 1972 book on amazon. Thanks so much! Jan
  38. I would just like to thank you for this blog, and for being the rare person to speak out against the greed of the "New" Atkins publishers who have basically destroyed all of the good doctor's work by prescribing an updated, politically correct diet that very simply The 1972 version--the one written by Dr. Atkins himself--is THE single best way to go if you want to lose weight and keep it off forever. I believe that the last Atkins book that was written entirely by Dr. Atkins is the 1992 version (entitled "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution")--that's the one I started out with, and I lost 94 pounds and kept it off for over 10 years. Recently, after an auto accident and some physical problems, I started to put back on some of the weight: 10 pounds, then 15. I immediately purchased a brand new copy of Dr. Atkins' book, only to find that I no longer recognized it. Net carbs? Up to 40 carbs per day on INDUCTION? KetoStix not that important?? (I agree 100% with your KetoStix conspiracy hypothesis, btw)? What a bunch of BULL! Not only was I not losing any pounds at all by trying to find the modernized version of the Atkins Diet, I was actually gaining weight! Only a return to basics--the 1972 version--was able to save me. Now the pounds are dropping off again just like they always did before, and I know for sure that Dr. Atkins' dieting principles are as sound now as they were when he wrote about them over 4 decades ago. What an incredible travesty that the corporation in charge of his country has bastardized his lifetime of work--how many unhealthy, overweight people will never be helped now? How many of those folks are someone else's loved ones: a mom who might have lived longer, a beloved uncle who died far too young from the hypertension and diabetes brought on by obesity? Sacrificing people's health to appease the FDA and make a quick buck selling mediocre, high-priced low carb fare in the process is truly nothing short of criminal. I was well on my way to diabetes and a lifetime of obesity before I discovered the Atkins Dieting books--I was 100 pounds overweight, would actually drop weight after binge eating, and was thirsty all the time. Dr. Atkins basically saved my life. His legacy does not deserve the slipshod treatment it has received from his company successors.
    1. This is pretty much it! I have individual posts (search for them) with recipes but they are basically just food without the carbs. Start at the top of the page and just scroll down. If you need more details, I suggest finding a copy of the book (look over there at my Amazon shop ... I'm not a salesperson so I don't get commission or anything like that ... it expired twice, so I didn't sign back up lol). Or, you can ask. :)
  39. The first week I lost weight ever day and lost a total of 22lbs. I am now on my second week, and my weigh remained the same every day for the past four days, Is this normal?
    1. Yes. There were times (up to a month or more) when the scale did not move but my inches did. Just make sure you keep hydrated (really hard for me in the Winter months). Losing that much so quickly could dehydrate you.
  40. How then is it possible to keep to the diet exactly as in previous days, burn the same amount of calories by remaining just as active, and not loose weight?
      1. It felt like my body just became more efficient. Once it became accustomed to less carbs for fuel, it began using my body fat for fuel. As long as I had just enough protein (to retain muscle mass) I would just lose inches during those times of no weight loss. It was strange but wonderful.
  41. i restarting this diet, it did it 17 yrs ago. Now my triglycerides are elevated and that comes from carbs and sugar. I tried the new Atkins 20 for 3 weeks and lost a whopping 5 pounds..thumbs down. Does anyone remember a recipe waaaay back that was a dessert, a chocolate mousse made of heavy cream and some kind of chocolate? I remember it being good, but of course, can't remember that far back.
      1. It sounds good, but not familiar. It has been so long, but I do not remember it having that many ingredients. Sorry for the delay, working nights and sleeping days..uggh. Do not worry about searching for it, It may have been a word of mouth thing and not an actual recipe. Thanks
  42. Also, brendanolan, how do I get to your recipes? I am so anxious to get going after wasting the last 3 weeks. I have seen a couple of recipes for the diet revolution rolls, a little different from each other. What is yours? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
    1. This is it. For a bit more savory, I add caraway seeds (reminds me of rye bread) or a little really sharp cheddar. As for the recipes, anything tagged Level 1 SHOULD be induction friendly (should being the operative word since sometimes I wasn't thinking and marked it that way). The oldest are closest to those offered within the books.
      1. Thank you so much! Bookmarked the sites. I am so thankful that I found your blog. Hoping my journey is a successful one. Years ago, I lost 60 on it. Looking to lose another 15 to 20 (finally down 10!)
  43. After reading your note on getting your fats out of food, I feel I missed somewhere along the line, what the induction phase allotment for fat is daily. ?? I have not been counting that. I am going to try to switch over to a liquid sucralose for my coffee, if I can find it, I haven't looked in local stores yet, just online.
    1. From what I recall, Dr. Atkins never focused specifically on fats. The only thing he did limit during the level 1 (Induction phase) was dairy. My focus on fats was when I had to lower my protein intake due to higher-than-wanted blood glucose readings (Type 2 Diabetes). You really should see if you can find a copy of the original book (I think I have a link in "My Favorite Things" Amazon store, which is now just a bunch of links that I get no compensation from). Here's the direct link to that page but it's listed on the top-left of each page on this blog:
  44. Oopsie Bread is a recipe and you can Google it. I use mine to make low carb Layer cakes or pancakes for the weekend.
    1. Thank you.. I tried to click on like, but apparently I did not write down my word press username and password I created after working all I cannot log on.......I am pathetic.
  45. After receiving the original book, I discovered that one of my stumbling blocks has been diuretics. I take one for hair loss, as it is a testosterone blocker and keeps my male pattern baldness at a slower rate. I guess I am going to have to choose between hair and Even though I have been following well, not even a salad, and using liquid sweetener, I am barely losing. Like 1 pound in a week ---- being very careful. I hope omitting the diuretic will help. I also have been walking on a treadmill for 3 days. I cannot omit by blood pressure mediciane, but it doesn't portray itself as a diuretic. I just baked my first batch of diet resolution do you store them? In the refrigerator?
    1. Yes, store in the refrigerator. I found with mine, after a couple of days they turned gummy, so I had to make smaller batches (you know, not doubling the recipe every time). As for weight loss amounts, it seems as though the larger you are, the faster you lose. I noticed most of the people that lost vast amounts of weight quickly were 300 pounds plus with minimal muscle amounts. I lost REALLY slow (but I was going after blood sugar initially). I really had to play around with my food to find out what my body liked, switching out protein sources and/or cuts of meat until I found out what my body responded to. For example, my body didn't like relying on eggs, chicken and pork (as in pork chops). I can eat them but they can't be my main source of protein for the day. I needed the fattiest cuts of meat I could find. Then, after a while, I had to lower the fat because my digestive system didn't like it any more (I ate so many chicken thighs that the thought still makes me nauseous). lol
  46. Thanks for that tip. Got up today, and still no loss. Discouraging, but I am going to stay with it. I am 5-2/ snd started at 187pds I started the first of March with the new plan, and after that and the switch, I have lost 12 pounds,
  47. I haven't lost 1 pound since changing over to the old Atkins 3 weeks ago. I have been turning the ketostix purple since then. Any suggestions? More or less protein? Increase or decrease consumption. I am not really hungry, and working nights, then switching back to days, sometimes I get a third meal in, but often, I only get bacon and eggs, and one other protein meal with cheese and pork rinds.( Dr. Atkins says only eat when you are hungry. that was written in 1972, and now they say if you do not eat enough, your body thinks it is starving and stores fat. ) Stopped my diuretic. Tried to stop BP med, but that was not a good option. Taking vitamin, nexium, anti-inflammatory for arthriits, fish oil and low dose aspirin. I have been adding butter to my eggs for fat, and using mayonnaise on my spicy pork rinds for fat. I am sticking to the 1 tbls of heavy cream in my coffee, and l liquid Splenda. I have been using the no calorie, no carb liquid water flavors...but I figure that they use the liquid form of sucralose, so should not be a problem...and I am in ketosis. Very frustrated and looking toward Ketogenesis diet, but when I did the New Atkins with 20 purple ketostix, so I am thinking it won't work either. WW is the only thing that I know works for me....but wanted to cut sugars and carbs. And, my vanity sneaks in that I started this journey March 1st, thinking my swimsuit would look better....and if I was on WW, it would have. #frustrated #needastallbuster
    1. First: When I drink water, it's just water (check those water flavors to see if there is a lot of sodium ... I'm not sure). I down it like it's an awful medicine (or like a teenager who just wants to drink to get drunk). lol How much water are you drinking? My minimum is 64 ounces a day (in addition to whatever else I am drinking throughout the day). Second: Are you measuring yourself? There were months when I wouldn't lose an ounce of weight but would lose an inch or more all over my body (1/4 inch here, 1/2 an inch there). Third: I wouldn't mess with your BP meds unless it's in conjunction with your doctor. Did your doctor have you on the diuretic for your BP also? You should check with him/her to make sure everything is good. And (I don't think this has anything to do with weight loss but who knows) I am curious if your doctor had you taking potassium supplements with your diuretic? They did with my mom. Fourth: if you like all the added fat, keep eating it but I think by eating the normal '72 menu, your intake of fats should be enough. See, with the Keto diet, you eat a set amount of protein, and are using fat calories to replace the carbohydrate calories you would typically eat. It's not a lot of protein but it is a lot of fat. When I started it, if I recall correctly, 70% of my caloric intake was fats. That's when you start slapping fat all over the place because you never realize just how little fat is in chicken breasts or scrambled eggs until you have to pay attention. Fifth (and final, I think): I have never tried Weight Watchers. If it worked for you, maybe there is some way to tweak it so you aren't eating so much of the foods you don't want? I think you could do that with Jenny Craig (I was there when my mom signed up for that one but that was MANY YEARS ago).
  48. Thank you. I stopped all sweeteners today. Ugn. my coffee was awful. I had green tea yesterday. I got on the scale a little bit ago, at the end of the day after taking off my swimsuit, and it looks like I lost 2 pounds! I am behind on water though...... I will have to see in the morning. My diuretic was from a dermatologist for hair loss. It slows male pattern baldness. My potassium levels have been fine. My BP shot up when I tried to stop that pill, so I am taking it. Dr Atkins book says do not force fluids, only drink when you are thirsty. I am getting about 60-70 ounces between water, coffee, and a carb free sugar free soda....which I am stopping for a week to see. But, until today, my drinks had sweet flavors.....but I made sure they are carb and sugar free. It will be harder with plain water and coffee that I do not like. I am confused on sodium that you mentioned because they say increase sodium to keep your electrolytes up. I am going to keep working at it! And no, I do not measure. I just feel if I tighten the tape measure differently over the flab, it will look like I lost and didn't. I would feel it in clothes if it was moving enough. I am going to try no added sweetener, and green tea. I am a tiny excited that the scale is down in the middle of the day, when it is usually up...but not going to let myself be too hopeful until morning.
  49. I'm confused by why it says hard cheese (no cream cheese) but then has the revolution rolls and celery with cream cheese on the menu.
    1. My apologies for taking so long (it has been a roller coaster of 2 months). I think it's all in the amounts. There have been times when I have scarfed down half (if not a full) package of cream cheese in one sitting. If I tried to eat 4 to 8 ounces of hard aged cheddar, I think I would be sick. Also, soft cheeses have more milk sugar (lactose) in them. The harder (more aged) the cheese, typically the less lactose.
  50. That's considered grazing and Dr A was against that. I wish people would stop looking for excuses to eat. It serves no purpose.
  51. Thank you for these great tips. I started this Diet 3 weeks ago and weight 280 and after 21 days I know weight 259..I'm so excited, since dropping those 20lbs I have more energy and a better feeling about myself. I added some cardio along with my strick Card intake..I have 3 other friends that have lost about the same as me..Yes this one really works, Years ago my Mother In Law lost 50lbs on this diet and she was a heavy women..still going strong, my goal is to get back to 240lbs. I was a 42 waist, trying to get into a 36 waist..wish me luck..thank you.
  52. Just found this site. I'm excited to begin my Atkins 72 journey. I recently lost 20 lbs on the keto diet. But for me it has become too complex. I do better with a restrictive diet where I don't have to guess what to eat. Less choice less margin for cheating. On keto I ate 25-30g NET carbs a day. So who knows how many total. I have lost weight but I've had a hard time this week. Gone up a couple lbs. feeling worn out with making so much complicated recipes. I like it but it's just a lot for me. I'm ready for back to the basics keep it simple loose the stupid weight. Lol. I'd like to loose 20-25lbs more to be where I feel ideal. I feel relieved to find this site. It's just what I need to educate me on the original Atkins. (I did try stillmans original but it was pretty rough, from what I read I think Atkins is a little better and more realistic to be able to stick with for a few weeks to shed the lbs) and I like that I will slowly add in carbs until my body feels right. Thanks 💕
  53. are awesome.....thanks so much for this information.....I have the book but the print is so small it's hard to read......WOW.......thanks again.
  54. Thanks for all the wonderful information shared on your blog. In regards to Atkins 72 is it necessary to take a) Multivitamins daily - I'm sure Dr Atkins recommended women take men's multivitamins to reduce iron therefore helps with constipation b) Potassium to substitute for less vegetables c) Magnessium d) Omega 3 fish oils. Are these supplements necessary while on Induction? Can having Sleeping tablets effect your weight loss? What is the best way to cook your chops, chicken thighs etc? Baked in oven with Olive Oil or fried with butter or grilled? in order to lose most weight. How much Olive Oil and Butter is suggested on Atkins 72 a day? I would much appreciate your thoughts as I want to make food and its preparation as simple as possible but tasty and satisfying and of course Weight Reducing. Cheers Annie
    1. Hello, Annie! I apologize for not replying sooner. Everything I am typing is shared with the understanding that I am not a doctor/nutritionist. If you have an underlying medical condition that may be affected by what I suggest, please talk to your physician. Dr. Atkins suggests taking a high-quality multi-vitamin. He does not mention anything about reducing iron (as in taking a men's multivitamin) but he (somewhere, I cannot locate the quote ... it could be in his second book) suggests limiting liver (due to the increase in iron by simply eating more red meat). For constipation, he suggests a mild laxative (I like Colace. It never made me bloated or worked "too well, too quickly". I have never tried any form of Ex-lax because some people I grew up with abused it strictly to lose weight). If you include a wide variety of fish/seafood in your diet, you shouldn't need to supplement with Omega 3 (when I could not eat fish, I took flax seed oil). I think you would like Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution ( I went through it and made a list of all the vitamins/minerals he suggested for my specific medical conditions (and my age) and made sure my multi-vitamin included those. From what I can tell via Google, your sleeping tablets may (or may not) effect your weight loss. It depends on how strong they are/what type they are. It looks like weight loss could take longer. As for your question about how to prepare your meat (baked in oven, fried, or grilled) you made me hungry! All of those methods would be wonderful! For me, the key to not eating bland, dry meat is to find herbs and spices you love and keep trying different methods of cooking to find out which is easiest (and tastiest). I tend to cook one way only for certain foods, then I see something online and try something different and usually like that better! The perfect example is grilling. We grill all the time (outside with charcoal). I forget that not everyone likes to grill outside, in the rain, so most stores do not carry charcoal in the winter. We were out of charcoal but had a tritip beef roast (a cut popular here) and my husband seasoned it (a spice mix called Montreal Steak seasoning) browned it in a pan on the stove, then put it in the oven at 350 degrees F for roughly 15 minutes and that was better than any we have grilled! It shocked us both! Dr. Atkins does not put a limit on Olive Oil or Butter (or any fats) since they do not have carbohydrates. I try to post a variety of recipes on here, since I know not everyone has the same tastes I do but I have not added any new ones recently. I am most active on Facebook (my page is here: I hope you can join me there!
  55. Thank you so much for this page and even the comments. Everything here is so helpful. I need to lose weight and a lot of it. My health and mobility are horrible now and I have hit menopause. I was on Atkins 20 but so frustrated. I was most frustrated because I was asking the nutritionist and administrator if I could stay on it longer and not eating all the fat they were saying I needed to. The answers were that I needed to move through the phases and add net carbs (although inferred that the rules did say I could be on phase 1 as long as necessary but said in a sort of disapproving way). Also a repeated answer of your body just needs more fat. It wasn't working but when I just cut carbs out, stopped fretting about the fat and didn't listen, I started to lose. I still come around 70 to 80 fat grams and it seems fine. I found this site and a comment on my FB page about Atkins 72. Thank you so very much. I am much less frustrated and very hopeful now. All the things I needed to know were answered in the comments. Wishing the best to all. Will keep following.
  56. You convinced me to buy the original book. When I started Atkins back in 2010 (I think it was), it wasn't then like it is now. Now when I go to the site, it's a lot different. I had 80lbs to lose in the beginning and stayed on 20 "net carbs" per day through the entire thing. Then for various reasons, I strayed away from being as strict, and I wanted to get back to that, but I had lost my induction food list. The main difference between then and now is that all the Atkins food products weren't out and the Induction Phase One food list actually had different carb counts than it does now. And now they also have the 40g plan. I found a 1973 printing of the 1972 book on Amazon and it's now on its way to me, because since restarting Induction with their new list and the "net carbs" I am not losing anything (I only have 35lbs I need to get back off this time). I expected it to be slower, but still drastic enough to jump start and it isn't working. Back to the original I go...
  57. Hello, can you explain “no cream cheese” in the food list but Day 1 snack suggests celery with cream cheese? Just making sure as I love cream cheese but I can do without it. Thank you.
    1. Because he did this a lot (like the Revolution Rolls call for cottage cheese). I think he just didn't want us eating it by the spoonfuls. In one ounce of Philadelphia cream cheese (the block), there is 1/2 a carbohydrate. If you can eat the entire block in one sitting (*cough* like I can), that's 4 carbs. That plus any other dairy (like my half and half and cheese), the carbs can add up.
  58. How do you calculate net carbs? My mom used to be on the diet when she was my age. And she said the way to calculate it was subtracted your fiber from the total carbs and then whatever is left, 4 grams equals one net carb. Is that true?
    1. I am not sure why I didn't see this until now but yes, that is how you calculate net carbs. However, in 1972, Dr. Atkins never used net carbs and neither do I. I have found, at least with my body, total carbohydrates work better.
    1. Because, despite Dr. Atkins specifically saying no cream cheese, he included it in some level 1 (or Induction) recipes. My opinion is he didn't want people to eat an entire block of cream cheese in one sitting, since the carbohydrates would add up.

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