For those who can still eat seafood, please enjoy some of these for me!

“Huevos rellenos” or Deviled Eggs are as popular a “tapa” in Spain as they are in the USA. Made with the standard yolks and mayonnaise, they contain a twist – finely-chopped shrimp! These easy-to-make deviled eggs with shrimp are a wonderful appetizer or “tapa” that everyone will marvel over. Don’t be surprised if you are asked for the recipe!
Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes


12 hard-boiled large eggs
4-5 pitted green olives (optionally, can use pimento-stuffed)
3/4 lb. medium-size shrimp, boiled and peeled
4-5 Tbsp tomato sauce
salt and pepper to taste
Spanish sweet paprika for garnish

This deviled egg with shrimp recipe makes 9-12 appetizer servings.

Before cooking the shrimp, rinse thoroughly and put into a small saucepan. Cover with water. Boil for about 5 minutes. Immediately remove from the stove and pour out the water. Place shrimp in a bowl of cold water to cool the shrimp quickly. Peel and refrigerate.

Hard-boil the eggs and cool them. Peel and cut the eggs in half lengthwise and remove the yolks. Place yolks in a small mixing bowl. Mash with a fork so they are crumbly.

Finely chop the olives and the cooked shrimp and put into a mixing bowl. Add a few tablespoons of tomato sauce and mix. Add mayonnaise and half of the crumbled egg yolks to the mixture gradually, being careful not to add too much. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Scoop the mixture into each egg half and place on a platter to serve. Carefully dust the eggs with Spanish paprika and a bit of crumbled egg yolk. Serve!

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