So, as you can see from various postings throughout the week, I’ve been focused on trying to add variety to my menu and life.  And now, after two weeks tomorrow and not really seeing a movement of my measurements I really need to exercise.  I have so many excuses (like now, with all the wildfires, there’s a lot of smoke in the air) but with every week I come up with a new excuse (my shoulder hurts or intestinal discomfort or whatever).  My life currently revolves around this computer (will be my son’s laptop as soon as his new hard drive arrives) and food (figuring out what to have for meals).  That’s pretty much it.  I think I mentioned using the gifted-to-me Ab Doer.  Well, it hurt my shoulder so I whined myself into not using until it’s healed (which was about 2 weeks ago but I still haven’t touched it).  The whine going through my head is: “I don’t want to” with an image of a little kid crossing his arms.  That has to stop if I ever want to be healthy.  It’s not like I can go work out in the yard for exercise (the smoke really is an issue there).  So, today (because I have it), is Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo.  I like that I don’t have to roll around on the ground (hard wood floors and no exercise mats of any kind).