Good Monday Morning!

Well, it seems I have finally turned a corner.  Although I was awake this morning at 3 am, coughing, I feel pretty darn good!  We spent the weekend running around, so my diet consisted of fast food (Mc Doubles without buns/ketchup) and it felt so nice to be able to just grab something to eat.  We fixed the dryer and I actually got caught up on household issues (like laundry and dishes) without it draining me!  So, I think I will begin my normal (not too strenuous) workouts today.  I’m also going to make cheesecake.  I’ve been craving it forever, so here goes!  I just hope the flavor is close enough to satisfy this horrible craving.  Lastly, I would like to apologize for my whine on Friday.  I really HATE being sick!


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