Oh, I had plans. Big plans … of basking in the warm glow of a chocolate cake last night. I stumbled upon this recipe on Facebook and just about had a heart attack. It looked too good to be true.

First, here’s the link. Take a look at that picture. Doesn’t it make you want to scream, “Where have you been all my life?”


Ooey Gooey cake

Well, it was anything but satisfactory.

First, disclosures (what I changed in the recipe). I usually don’t like to change a recipe the first time I make it. I’m almost “religious” when it comes to them. You make them word for word the first time. Then, if it turns out o.k. and can be tweaked to make it better, then do it.

First: I used homemade coconut flour that wasn’t as flour-like as it should be. I had make it … I can’t remember when and threw it in the freezer. I had been wanting to make this cake for what felt like forever (about two days) and didn’t want to wait for it to thaw so I could run it through the food processor again. So, I just added more than the 1/2 cup.

Second: Coffee extract. I didn’t even know that existed! So, I popped some coffee beans in a mason jar, topped it off with vodka, then proceeded to use vanilla extract instead.

Third: Coconut milk. I’ve been making my own and using it for my protein powder after I exercise. It’s precious to me. And I didn’t want to waste it on a recipe that might not turn out right. So, I hit up google. Coconut milk has twice the fat of half and half, so I used half and half then added two tablespoons extra coconut oil (I almost added butter instead but wasn’t sure if the water content in the butter would mess things up).

Fourth: I cooked this in a bundt pan instead of 2 rounds for 40 to 45 minutes. A toothpick inserted came out clean.

Fifth: I didn’t make the icing. According to my changes, My Fitness Pal already had this at 7 carbs per slice (with 12 slices per cake). I eat roughly 20 carbs/day so I really couldn’t add more for this one dessert.

So, those are the changes I made. I mixed up the batter and immediately thought it was too wet. It was VERY liquid, like you tried to make pancakes but didn’t add enough flour. So, what were my results? Well, first, when I flipped the cake out of the pan, some stuck to the pan and ended up in my mouth. My first thought was, “Wow, this is very coconuty, not sweet and not very cocoa-like.” I hoped that the flavors would develop once the cake was cooled because with that first little taste, I wasn’t impressed.

Now, I love coconut. I can eat it right out of the bag, am loving my coconut milk, and put a Tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil in my coffee every morning (not to mention I used the oil as a moisturizer and sometimes hair conditioner … I love this stuff). So, you would think I would love this cake.

Three hours later, I finally took a proper taste. I cut a piece, took a bite, and immediately thought I didn’t cook it long enough. It wasn’t moist, it tasted wet. I kept poking it with a stick … no, with the knife and nothing stuck to it. I know it wasn’t undercooked. And my initial response to the flavor just got worse. There isn’t enough cocoa flavor. The coconut flavor overwhelms the whole thing. AND it’s not sweet enough. This morning, I took one more taste. Now it has the texture of cake but the flavor has not improved. I will have my husband try it this morning and if he won’t eat it, it’s going in the garbage. I don’t like wasting my carbohydrates on something I truly do not enjoy.

I’m not giving up on coconut flour. I don’t really have a lot of it left so I think I’ll try to focus on almond flour recipes.