Sol De Oro

Well, since today we went to a “normal” store (not Costco) I decided to look around a little. I’m getting ready to make a no-tortilla chicken enchilada casserole-thing and was curious about tortilla options. I found no substitute corn tortillas (I still haven’t found a way to finish off those tortillas I made) but there were two brands of low carb flour tortillas. There was one from Tia Maria (I think) but the carb counts were a little high so I bought Sol De Oro Low Carb tortillas. Both have soy (which I try to stay away from) but when you need a fix/want to be able to purchase instead of making all the time, I figured I would give it a shot.

– These are NOT gluten free. They contain whole wheat.-

First, a disclaimer. I am a tortilla snob. I’ve been eating some form of tortilla (either made by friends/neighbors or learning to make them myself) as far back as I can remember. Heck, who needs utensils when you have a tortilla to scoop up your food? So, as soon as we got home, I opened the package. I took a big whiff and … they smelled like tortillas. I turned on the griddle and waited. You can’t really know how a tortilla tastes if it’s not warm and slathered with butter.

I began heating it up. The first thing I noticed is they don’t puff up. That doesn’t really matter unless that’s what you are waiting for before flipping it over.

Once heated, I slathered with butter. The texture isn’t chewy but not brittle. The flavor is pretty dang good (not like those ancient grain ones with amaranth … before low carbing I tried those and hated them) with a very light “taste it in your nose” hint of oats. There really is no aftertaste (maybe a slight oatmeal-ish which is fine with me). So, I think we have a winner!

Even if I were to count all the carbs (instead of net carbs) one tortilla has 10 grams of carbs (with 8 grams of fiber I can fool myself a little since that’s only 2 net carbs)! That’s half my daily ration of carbs but sometimes you just have to suck it up! LOL! For science, of course. I even tested my blood sugar an hour later (hadn’t had anything to eat all day and was sucking on water and a sugar-free Rockstar) and it was 100 (has to be below 120 after a meal, though some say under 180 is o.k. but that’s another story).

With that being said, if you just have to have a tortilla, these are fantastic, relatively cheap, and so much easier than trying to make your own (and it’s not a crepe)!