January 18, 2014 Update

Well, good morning one and all!  It’s just a beautiful day and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here (yes, this is really me and not some bubbly imposter).  I have successfully fought off another illness (this time, I think it was just a cold).  My stats are updated (gained a pound, everything else is the same) and figured out that when I eat less (too few calories) I gain weight.

My cardio for the day is complete (still working on the back yard), I just found out that my neighbor across the street is NOT moving (we only have 6 houses on our street so the dynamics are tricky with new people moving in), I’m beginning to see muscle where there was none, and I tried on some pants that I had thrown to the side because they were way too small for me and they fit!  They don’t just fit, they are a little loose in the waist!  All I need are some cowboy boots and I’ll start feeling normal again!

Since posting last week, I’ve been “taking stock” (well, actually this started 2 days ago).  For most of my adult life, I have had issues walking around barefoot.  My back would be in so much pain that all it took was 5 minutes without arch support and I was toast.  I have now, for about 6 months, been walking around almost exclusively in cheap slippers and have had no back pain!  I think it’s so funny that I just now realized this, like a light switch was turned on.

I’ve also come to realize that I am truly happy.  I haven’t felt this way since just before I met my husband, when I “gave up” on finding anyone to share my life with and accepted that I was the only one who could “complete me”.


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