I say Portuguese because a friend shared this recipe (which was translated via Google). I do not have the original URL for this.

Here’s the translated version:

The wonderful afternoon snack! !
2 eggs
2 tbsp grated cheese
Salt to taste
1cc yeast
1 tbsp olive oil
Beat with a fork and take the micro for 3 minutes.
Open the bread in half and fill with ham and mozzarella and take the sandwich until golden brown and enjoy!

Untranslated for those who read Portuguese:

Lanchinho da tarde maravilhoso! !!
2 ovos
2 cs queijo ralado
Sal a gosto
1cc de fermento
1 cs azeite
Bater com um garfo e levar ao micro por 3 minutos.
Abrir o pão ao meio e rechear com presunto e mussarela e levar para a sanduicheira até dourar e bom apetite!

Anyway, I figured the 1 cc of yeast was 1 teaspoon, since it translated “cs” into tablespoons.

So, I made this. I did 2. One to do like a grilled cheese on my stove and a second to cook in a sandwich maker. I did everything per the instructions, except added a little garlic powder to one batch.

I microwaved this in one of these Ziploc containers, since it more closely resembles the size and shape of a piece of white bread:


This is what it looked like after coming out of the microwave (just about thought it was going to spill over the top but it deflated quickly).


I just put cheese in the middle, after slice in half lengthwise.  Then commenced cooking.  Here is the one on the stove top griddle:

2014-01-26_13-07-31_137And here’s the second one after I removed it from the sandwich maker:

2014-01-26_13-12-12_191The consensus between my husband and myself?  It’s a greasy dense omelet.  I’m not sure what (if anything) the yeast did in the recipe.  If I had to choose a cooking method, I prefer the stove top griddle.  I initially was going to say I wouldn’t make these again but now that they have cooled off a bit, the griddle one, if doctored up with vanilla and cinnamon, could probably fool my brain into thinking it was french toast.  I might have to try that!  Anyway, if you try this, tweak it, and love it, let me know how you did it!  🙂