My mom is a Dollar Store fanatic.  She’s always shopping at this one or that one and gets all excited when a new one shows up.  We eat very specific foods (as you can imagine) so I don’t really shop at those stores (if we ate nothing but cereal and crackers, we’d save tons of money at those stores).  Anyway, she insisted I try Dollar General (a whole mess of them have popped up all over town).  So I went and look what I found!  I had no idea these things even existed!  It’s pork rinds that you cook in the microwave, like pop corn.  For $1/bag, it couldn’t hurt to try one.

So, after sitting there for about a week, hubby decides it’s time to try them.  He puts it in the microwave (which has always been too small for all things cooked in bags like this) and they ended up a little burned.  We open up the bag and taste.  OMG!  It’s amazing how good these were!  It’s like the difference between eating freshly popped pop corn and eating pre-popped pop corn in a bag.  It was night and day (even better than the ones I buy at the Mexican market in the deli section).

Oberto is a pretty big brand here in California so I have no idea where else in the country they are but … they have a website you can order from!  AND they even have a “Hot and Spicy” variety (which I will definitely search for).  PLUS, these are perfect food storage items for us low carbers!  Can you tell I’m excited?

Here’s the link to the original (it’s only $16.99 for a case of 18 … have no idea how much shipping would be):


AND here’s the Hot and Spicy (same price):