Supercalifragilistic-nutrional ketosis?

lol … I had to look up what BPC stood for (Bullet Proof Coffee). 🙂 This is a great article!


“My macros are spot on”, “What’s your ratio?”, “Check your percentages”, “Do you even monitor your ketones?”, “Keto-this keto-that”, “Do you even lift?” ok, I snuck that last one in just for giggles…

LC, LCHF, Wheat Belly, Atkins, LC Paleo, LC Primal, JERF, yeah, it’s pretty daggum confusing, right?

Often times in the “Low Carb” or “Low Carb High Fat” communities the question is pondered “It’s worked so well for all of us, why doesn’t every single obese person give it a try?”

It’s easy for those of us who have found success in giving up grains, starches, and sugar to maybe not think about those first hours, days, weeks of starting something “new to us”. There comes a time in our journey where everything really is second nature, we don’t have to think when we place an order at our favorite restaurant for a “burger, no bun please, and…

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