Pork Heart and Liver Results

So, I made the liver recipe and the first heart recipe (from Mark’s Daily Apple) from this post.  The results?  Well, the liver was tasty.  I used our deep fat fryer and have TONS!  I had no idea they were so large!  If it hadn’t been frozen already, I would have just used part of the liver and frozen the rest.  The sauce, on the other hand, was too … soy sauce-y.  I think it would have been better with tomato paste instead of ketchup (or something … it’s almost like the sauce needed to be sweeter to counteract the mineral taste of the liver).

Now for the heart.  I loved the texture.  I did it just like the recipe said and the flavor was just “blah”.  BUT mixed with the sauce from the liver and it was brilliant!  🙂  I keep making my mom be my guinea pig.  She gets to try them today, which I expect her to just spit out.  lol  That’s pretty much par for the course with her.  She didn’t even like those almond cookies I made!  I swear, she has no imagination.


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