Time to catch up on my posting (I’ve been learning Adobe “In Design” and my head is swimming).


4 fl oz/120 mL lemon juice
4 fl oz/120 mL vegetable oil
4 oz/113 g sliced onion
1¾ oz/50 g thinly sliced garlic
2 tbsp/6 g chopped parsley
2 lb/907 g boneless veal top round, cut into 1½-in/4-cm cubes
2 lb/907 g boneless pork loin, cut into 1½-in/4-cm cubes
1 tbsp/10 g salt
1½ tsp/3 g ground black pepper

12 oz/340 g thinly sliced onion
20 fl oz/600 mL Dill Sauce (recipe follows)

Dill Sauce

Makes 32 fl oz/960 mL

24 fl oz/720 mL Chicken Velouté
8 fl oz/240 mL sour cream
3 tbsp/9 g chopped dill
Salt, as needed
Ground black pepper, as needed

And here’s a link for making Velouté (I would think any thickener of choice would suffice):