Stiffened Whipped Cream with Gelatin (sustainably-sourced)

A little vanilla, eat it with a spoon! lol

Eat Beautiful

At our “gut-healing cafe” in Eugene, Oregon what one item flies out the door almost as fast as bone broth and bone broth soups?  Parfaits!  It’s no wonder: these beautiful layered desserts are all topping!  For anyone who loves decadence, and that’s me, parfaits give us permission to eat a whole bowl-full of the rich stuff!  Maple syrup ganache, honey-sweetened compote, fresh local berries, grass-fed egg yolk-rich custard, peppermint whipped cream, vanilla bean creme fraiche, nut-date crumble, sprouted nuts all get layered, depending on the parfait flavor, and eaten with a spoon!  We also layer in some lovely grain-free, sugar-free cookies, brownies, chocolate cake, scones or shortbread; but invariably the rich toppings play the key role, visually, texturally and flavor-wise.


One conundrum develops: how to keep the whipped cream from collapsing?  Oh happy solution!  Once again gelatin plays the silent supporting role, literally and figuratively.  Today I’ll share my recipe…

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