Day One- Chocolate Chili

I think I’ll have to try this (not tonight … have leftover pork steaks to chop up, fry until crispy, then scramble some eggs in there).

Paleo Wife

Still figuring out how exactly to work this blog page and it’s not helping that I’m saving my writing to the last thing I do before I go to bed (besides read…).

The first day of my resolutions has been so-so.  I worked an hour of overtime at work today, so that kind of messed up my plans for dinner.  I was planning on making a chocolate chili, but I ended up getting home around 5:20 and the chili is supposed to cook for 2-3 hours including prep time… but I ended up making it anyway and we ate around 7:20- which is late for us, as I prefer for us to eat no later than 6:30 for digestive purposes before bed…

Anyway, I’ve made this recipe before.  It’s one of my favorites.  Who would have ever thought of putting chocolate in chili?  Well… it’s not REALLY chocolate, but cocoa…

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