Today was a good day to sit and look through You Tube videos.  I know I’ve been pretty slack when it comes to adding recipe videos to my playlist (too many of the recipes I find do not automatically come with videos).  So, I added a few.  Take a look:

Now, not all of these are specifically low carb/keto (just like the recipes I post here) but naturally lend themselves to our lifestyle.  I posted a lot from one specific You Tube channel, despite the fact that in his descriptions he either just points to his blog post of the recipe (which is o.k.) or (I hate this) posts the link to his home page, which means we have to go to his site and do a search for the recipe.  Having said that, they are great recipes and you can either get the gist of the recipe from the video or he states within the video how much of what ingredients he uses.

I will try to add more over the coming days, so please subscribe to my You Tube channel.  One of my goals for this year is to actually get a video camera, so hopefully I will be able to make somewhat decent videos for my channels (not awful hand-held cell phone videos).