Keto Soft Batch Cookies

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Keto & Low Carb "Soft Batch" Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially when it’s baked into a soft delicious cookie! Recently, I was introduced to an amazing low-carb chocolate company called ChocoPerfection!

Take the finest, gourmet European chocolate and sweeten it with sugar-free natural plant fiber that tastes exactly like sugar, and you get ChocoPerfection.

Finally, a guilt-free chocolate bar that tastes ‘real’ and helps with weight loss. ChocoPerfection has 14g of prebiotic fiber in every bar which reduces sugar cravings. It’s is all natural, 100% sugar-free, and has all the beneficial anti-oxidants of chocolate. Saturated fat from stearic acid in the cocoa plant, which has been proven to either lower cholesterol or have no effect on cholesterol at all, and butter oil.
banner 300x300_keto_chart (2)
I have been doing a lot of baking with ChocoPerfection in the past month. It’s so versatile! I’ve make cakes, cookies, cupcakes and a fantastic chocolate sauce! The best part is that is…

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2 thoughts on “Keto Soft Batch Cookies

    1. It should be if you click the “Read More” option at the bottom of the post (it will send you to her blog). Once there, scroll all the way to the bottom of that page. I would use whatever is your favorite dark chocolate in the cookies (the darker it is, the less sugar).


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