Almond Pasta with Bacon & Wild Mushroom Sauce

Though tapioca flour and guar gum are not my normal pantry items, they may be well worth it if you are closer to maintenance.

The Primitive Palate

Low Carb & Keto frendly fresh pasta! Paired with a creamy mushroom and bacon sauce!

I am so excited to announce the first guest post here at The Primitive Palate!  Darcy, from Modern Low Carb, is bringing you a delicious recipe for fresh almond flour pasta paired with a creamy bacon & wild mushroom sauce! The pasta alone has about 7.5 net carbs per serving and with the sauce it rounds out to about 10 net carbs per serving. Not bad, when a regular serving is pasta is a whopping 75 carbs per serving!

I wrote to Darcy a few weeks ago about doing a guest post because her recipes look and taste like restaurant quality food. Being a classically trained chef, that get’s major points in my book!  So without further adieu, let’s get on to the recipe!


Hi, I’m Darcy, and I blog at Modern Low Carb, where I share low carb, keto recipes made with real, fresh ingredients. I’m so excited to…

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