The “After” Myth

Can Anybody Hear Me?



It’s here.

In my first post, Before, 3 years ago, I said “I’m not to After yet, but I’m closer to After than to Before.”

I now weigh 117 – 120 pounds (depending on the day), and standing at 5-foot 6-inches, that measurement means that After is very, very here. But, before you congratulate me, dear readers…if I have any…and dear friends and family who I know follow this blog… I have to come clean with you: I don’t feel like I’m at After. I’m terrified of being at After. And, I don’t like that After is here.

After5 2

The tagline of my blog is “uncovering myself one pound at a time.” For most of this blog, I’ve spoken strongly about how my relationship with food and myself was what caused my weight struggles. I stand by that. The thing is, the symptoms have resolved faster than I’ve been able to…

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5 thoughts on “The “After” Myth

  1. Hello, I thank you for doing the work reference the Atkins original book but having read your blog, I am a little confused. When did you change from the Weight Watchers system over to Atkins?
    Congratulations on dropping the weight, your knees must be so grateful, I know mine are and I have just lost 27lbs, another 20 to go.
    Best wishes, Sara aka Sally.


    1. I have never used Weight Watchers. I have read about it and even have one of those battery operated point calculators (from my sister) but I always hated the counting/thinking too much. lol So here I am now, keeping track of just about everything.


  2. You look fabulous! What an inspiration you are. I began Atkins20, Jan 4, 2016 & lost 14 lbs in 9 days. I was amazed that I didn’t have any cravings, I didn’t miss potatoes, pasta, bread & sweets. I had all of this energy & my joints didn’t kill me like they usually did. But since that weight loss, I have stayed the same. I’ve been beating my head trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong since. I only weigh myself on Thursdays & have gone down 1 size in clothes. But since I read your blog this morning, I realized that maybe I should do the Atkins72 & see what happens. I do test my urine & I am in ketosis, but I certainly don’t feel like I’ve dropped anymore inches. This is the first time that I’m not getting discouraged, but just want to know what I’m doing wrong. So, starting today, I will follow the induction on Atkins72, but I feel since I have at least 100 lbs to lose, that I will stay on induction for more than 1 week. I am taking a multi vitamin with no iron & want to go back to the dr in 2 months for blood work. I also am on 2 blood pressure meds & hope to eventually not have to take them anymore. Being on the Atkins20 I was never hungry inbetween meals & didn’t have a need for snacks. So I’m going to try & see what happens in the next week. Wish me luck!


    1. Thank you and I wish you the best of luck! I encourage you to measure yourself. Just pick some spots and do your best to measure in the same area. It helped me when there were weeks/months when I didn’t lost an ounce to see that I had lost inches (total … not in one spot 🙂 ).


      1. Thanks, Brenda. I will do just that. After 3 weeks of staying the same, I finally posted a 5.4 lb loss! I think my one cheat day actually spurred that loss. At least that’s what I’ve read from various sites. Anyway, continued success to you!


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