Yes, after all these years, I stepped in front of a camera (well, you can see my face in the beginning … the rest of the videos are mostly headless ๐Ÿ™‚ ). A few months back, I decided I should probably make some of the recipes in Dr. Atkins “Diet Revolution” book. Now, I have made a few (all of the ones with blue cheese, trying to force myself to like it. It didn’t work) but not enough of the basic recipes to be comfortable enough to really talk about.

So, I looked through them, figured out where I wanted to start (the smallest section lol), ordered some soya powder (because he uses that a lot), set my phone (only camera I have) and tripod precariously on an end table I brought into the kitchen and started making the few recipes in the bread section.

I now have 5 videos filmed (and 4 edited … one more to go) but I wanted to let you know I just uploaded 2 of them! The first one is a basic introduction to the series and the second video is for Diet Revolution Rolls (yes, my first time making Dr. Atkins’ version). Aside from feeling awkward, nervous, and overly-critical, I think it went great! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am planning on uploading a new video every week.

I hope you enjoy them!

First is Diet Revolution Rolls, followed by Diet Revolution Bread. I will add links to the recipes as I post them/publish the videos.