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Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free)

And to complete my visual sugar high, there’s this: Ingredients Pumpkin Cake 1/4 cup melted butter 2 cups pureed pumpkin 1 cup granulated xylitol 1/2 teaspoon pure stevia extract 8 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 teaspoon sea salt 2 teaspoons baking… Read More


Low Carb Yummies

So, the recipe that I had saved was for “Decadent Pecan Butterballs”. Of course, no link was provided, so I Googled. Well, the page that came up … WOW! If you can’t take looking at sweets yet, do not click on this… Read More


So, I’m trying to get my You Tube channel up and moving. I played with the playlists a bit (mostly so I can click play and do all my stretches without having to get back up and fast forward, since this is… Read More

Coconut Chicken Tenders – UPDATED

OMG! Take a look at these! If you can do coconut, I bet these are fantastic (might have to try these tonight with some chicken thighs)! 1 1/2 lbs chicken breast (cut into strips) 1 cup dried unsweetened shredded coconut 1/2… Read More

Cabbage and cookies

Another cookie recipe. It looks delish!

Berry Crumble with Coconut and Almond Flour

This one is more paleo but just substitute the honey for your sweetener of choice and you are good. If you have Diabetes, watch your blood sugars with this one. The natural sugars in the fruit can spike them. INGREDIENTS 4… Read More

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookies – Low Carb and Gluten-Free

#2 on my “must not make” list, mostly because at least with cookies, they can go on a plate and I can stash them out of sight. This one would be sitting there, on the stove, whispering to me every time I… Read More

Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Toasted Walnuts & Ricotta

WARNING! The next few recipes are only for those who have self control (as in, this won’t be the only food they eat until they are all gone ~cough~). I’ve been trying to space out my posts so you don’t get too… Read More

Fried Cauliflower

As you can tell, I’ve been on a cauliflower kick! 1 cup (216g) high smoke point oil (see recipe notes) 1 head (840g) large cauliflower 2 tbsp (14g) coconut flour 1 1/2 cup (168g) almond flour 1 cup (100g) parmesan cheese,… Read More

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Layer Cake – Low Carb and Gluten-Free

Because … OMG! Look at this picture. Now, according to her, this cake serves 20, so in my house the carb count would be higher (no way in hell that would be 20 servings)! I don’t dare make this one (at least… Read More

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