Doctor Day! My Results Are In!

After 10 years, I am still med free and can officially say I no longer have type 2 diabetes!

A few months back, I went into the doctor weighing 207 with an A1C of 6.9 (normal is 5.6 and below). Keep in mind, I hadn’t been to the doctor in over 5 years and had been eating just about anything I wanted. His instructions were to lose 20 pounds and fix my diet.

So, I pretty much gave up all carbs during the day and ate whatever I wanted for dinner (but stopped eating almost all sweets of any kind, including sugar-free). The first thing I noticed was my desire for food began to lessen. I am now at the point where I may eat a meal and a half to two meals per day. I am just not hungry during the day but I eat something so I don’t get ravenous (and start shoveling any food into my mouth).

Today was my follow-up visit and I managed to lose 17 of the 20 pounds and brought my A1C down to 5.8! Do you see that? I am .2 above normal! It was so funny: he was reading through my blood test results, “kidney function is good, liver function is good, no diabetes … ” and I yelled, “WHAT?” (I think I scared him a little). The rest of the results were perfect. This time, his instructions were to keep doing what I am doing and mostly focus on my weight (I will mostly focus on what I put in my mouth and maybe incorporate some actual exercise if it ever cools off here in Central California).

There is one issue that it turns out I have had since I was 18: gallbladder. I had a CT scan in July and there was a gallstone. He asked about pain, I described the intermittent pain I get, and we came to the conclusion that I have had a messed up gallbladder for 30 years. I have gone to multiple doctors over the years for the pain but they all said there was nothing wrong (even went to the Emergency Room out at County about 15 years ago and after doing no tests, the doctor told me my pain was an ulcer). So, I am waiting for a referral to a surgeon. If I can get this taken care of, I will be even more unstoppable! ūüôā


May 28, 2014 Update – Slap Upside The Head

I have updated my stats today. My husband and I have been going through some personal issues for the past few months. I’ve been barely checking my blood sugar … mostly doing it if I felt off (and, since the readings were always good, I kept doing that). Well, yesterday was different. I got some news disturbing news and was deep-down angry all day. That lead me to not be hungry, thus I didn’t eat. No, I take that back. I had a (as in one) piece of beef jerky (Jack Link’s Peppered Beef Jerky is awesome and only 4 total carbs per serving) and tried a piece of bacon jerky (yes, it’s just cooked bacon in a bag and I didn’t like it … I should have known something was wrong).

After a cleansing hour drive out of town, it was time for dinner. I felt a little off, so checked my blood sugar. It was 52. I ate dinner and after an hour, it was 152, then 90 after 2 hours. That’s great, right? Well, yes, it was. Then, this morning, my blood sugar was 55. I need to check every morning but I have a problem. I have been suffering with my allergies since February and tend to wake up after 3 to 4 hours sleep and, since I usually eat dinner late, I can’t get a true fasting blood sugar (and everyone who knows me know I cannot function on that little sleep without coffee).

So, I HAVE to eat dinner earlier if I’m going to keep waking up at the “witching hour”.

On my physical training front, I’m back on track. I trained last Wednesday for the first time in over a month and it took me until Sunday to recover (as in I didn’t need to use my arms to lower myself down onto a chair). I have switched to 100% cable exercises, hoping to not aggravate my shoulder. I can definitely feel the difference. The moves are more focused on specific muscles, so I squat and immediately feel it in my hamstrings/glutes. Perhaps this is what I should have started with (if I had my machine at the time), since I’m 40+ and the only time in my life (before beginning this journey again last year) I had trained with weights was in high school.

AND I may be having someone take some pictures of me this week. I’m actually (again, first time since high school) making an article of clothing with an actual pattern! The first one is just a pair of pajama pants but THEY ARE SIZE 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how many patterns I have purchased through the years, intending to make them, that are now WAY too large (most are size 22/24). I’m sure I can’t resize those patterns this much (especially since I really am a newbie when it comes to working with patterns) but … WOW! ūüôā

O.k. Time to check my blood sugar again, then do my weight training, then finish my pajama pants (which is the easiest pattern I’ve seen … no drawstring, just elastic).

February 2, 2014 Update – Let’s Talk Poo

Not only is it Groundhog Day (I guess we get to see 6 more weeks of Winter, which is fine with me as long as it involves more rain … California) but it’s Superbowl Sunday (which has absolutely no significance to me whatsoever except the television will NOT be on at all today) AND the day I finally have the time (and proper amount of sleep) to post my update (funny, as I was uploading my stats I realized all this year it was still 2013 to me).

I somehow managed to lose a little more weight from last week’s weigh-in (dropped .6 pounds) and this brings my to the subject of poo … bowel movements.¬† Last week’s massive weight loss was from eating WAY too many Mc Donald’s Mc Double cheeseburgers in one sitting and I’ve been paying for it all week.¬† Not only that but one day I got on a complete tangent (I can’t remember which blog post it was) but I forgot to eat.¬† Yes, I forgot and ended up with the shakes by 2 pm, when I ate one hard boiled egg (I had to finish my research and post my blog, don’t you know).¬† Needless to say, I scarfed as much as could around dinner time to bring my calories/fat/proteins into alignment and, when that didn’t completely get rid of the shaking, ate too many carbs (I ended up eating roughly 52 by the time my shakes subsided, more than double my normal intake).

Thus began more intestinal distress and bloating.¬† I went from 179.8 to 184.6 to slowly dropping down.¬† Not only did the scale jump around like it was on a trampoline, so did my bowels.¬† Whenever I have really loose stool, the next day it’s as if my body says, “Now that they are empty, I’m going to hold onto your stool for dear life.”¬† So, I rubber band between really loose to constipation and everywhere in between until things are normal again.

I’ve tried psyllium husk but even at small amounts (since I eat so few vegetables) it keeps this roller coaster going.¬† What I discovered (but obviously forgot this week.¬† Thankfully it popped in my head this morning) was finding the vegetables that I enjoy and only eating small amounts every day.¬† So, let’s say the serving is half a cup, then I’ll eat about 1/4 cup, just to keep things running smoothly (you can’t tell me I’m not eating enough fat @ 65-70% of my calories).¬† So, in my fridge is a batch of BLT Cauliflower Salad with more eggs and bacon plus no tomatoes, since I didn’t have any.

So, if you are like me and have intestinal discomfort from time to time, try to remember to eat SOME veggies every day.  Your body (and toilet) will thank you for it!

January 10, 2014 Update

Well, now that we are over a week into the new year, I figured it was time for me to take a look back at my progress since August of 2013. As much whining as I have done, to see the numbers in black and white is uplifting, especially on a day when I have to rest (very sore muscles and a cough coming on … I sure hope it’s just allergies). I’ve recently reconnected with some Atkins friends who I met back in 2010, at the birth of my blog. It’s so lovely seeing how everyone else is doing and to know that these struggles are not uniquely mine. I want to thank anyone who reads my entries. The Lord knows I’m not expert on anything so I appreciate you reading of my struggles and stumbles all these years.

One change I have implemented over the past week is focusing more on net carbs instead of total carbs. I think my body is finally able to properly deal with them (since, for dinner last night we made chicken fajitas and I ate 2 of the Sol Del Oro tortillas and my morning blood sugar was 83 (and I have had no intestinal discomfort).

So, here are the totals (and this is one reason why I have been so thankful I have been so determined to keep records all this time):

Weight: Down 27.2 pounds (based on my weigh in of 211 at the end of July 2013 at the doctor’s office)
Chest: Down 2 inches
Waist: Down 3 inches
Hips: Down 3 inches
Upper Arm: Down 2.5 inches
Thigh: Down 4.5 inches
Upper Belly Roll: Down 7 inches
Total Inches lost: 22
Morning Blood Sugar: Down 90!

I’m truly amazed (and thankful) with the difference I feel both mentally and physically. It shows what a slippery slope it is for me to NOT keep track of everything. Without some sort of accountability, I will cheat like a kid who hid their Halloween candy from their parents.

For you Atkins friends who may be reading this, the changes since 2010 are astounding!

Weight: Down 36.2
Chest: Down 7
Waist: Down 11
Hips: Down 9.5
Upper Arm: Down 3.5
Thigh: Down 7.5
Total Inches Lost: 38.5
Morning Blood Sugar: Down 322 (I was 405 on my first day)

January 4, 2014 Update

This week has been good but kinda “meh”. Hubby worked Monday and was off the rest of the week, so I let exercise slide a bit. I didn’t have set “cardio” days (usually Tuesday and Thursday). The weather here … I usually don’t talk about it this time of year because everyone else is freezing (I’m in Central California) so on my weight days, I’ve been heading out into the yard and digging. See, the person who lived in this house before us “redesigned” the back yard. During the redesign process, he built up a mound of dirt. I always wondered if he did that to add a landscape feature until we began tearing it down (I want to grow food out there and it’s kinda hard to do on a hill). That’s when we discovered he built the mound of dirt as his mini-landfill. Every piece of garbage he found around the property he buried there, including the concrete slab he broke up. To say we were angry is an understatement. We dug down about 4 feet below grade and still were finding crap. So, we decided we were going to level that out and build a raised bed on that spot. That’s about the time I found out my blood sugars were out of what (got sick) and began my Keto journey. I refuse to let another year go by without growing any food, so my cardio this week has been flinging shovels of dirt across the yard and moving (even more) chunks of concrete. As of this moment (since I’m still angry and we don’t have a truck) those chunks of concrete are bordering the fence line. I want to say they look like pavers but in reality they look like chunks of concrete someone threw there. At this point, I don’t care but I will get this done! If I have to completely forgo my meringue dancing, I will if that means we can grow food this year. I have some heirloom Cherokee tomato seeds that have been calling to me for a year!

Other than that, my blood sugars have been fantastic! I posted yesterday about those low carb tortillas. I only had that one and threatened my sons life if he touches them (grin). I also made that first batch of tortillas I made into chips and he helped me finish those off, so either today (probably not) or tomorrow I’ll start work on figuring out how to make a corn tortilla that has less carbs than standard ones and does not have eggs in it. I’ve always hated the idea of the many tortilla/wrap recipes I have seen because they are little more than stiff crepes and, as I said yesterday, I am a tortilla snob. If I want an omelet, I’ll make an omelet. If I want a tortilla and can’t have one, then I will do without.

I’ve posted my stats and there aren’t any dramatic changes but there are enough changes to make me happy. My weight training is going well (as long as the neighbors aren’t burning something toxic in their fireplace). I’ve been able to add more weights to some of the exercises and even been able to do some shoulder work (tendonitis). I have also noticed that my allergies are less severe. When this all began (2010) I had to stop using everything that had any kind of scent, most body care products that had ingredients I couldn’t pronounce (I tried some face cream by Clinique and immediately got welt on my face) and had to wear a mask in public due to the extreme amounts of perfume women feel the need to drown themselves in. Well, the other day, I didn’t even smell/react to a perfume cloud we walked through in the store! I really hope this means I’ve turned a corner.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and you know you’ll hear from me soon! lol

Product Review – Sol Del Oro Low Carb Tortillas

Well, since today we went to a “normal” store (not Costco) I decided to look around a little. I’m getting ready to make a no-tortilla chicken enchilada casserole-thing and was curious about tortilla options. I found no substitute corn tortillas (I still haven’t found a way to finish off those tortillas I made) but there were two brands of low carb flour tortillas. There was one from Tia Maria (I think) but the carb counts were a little high so I bought Sol Del Oro Low Carb tortillas. Both have soy (which I try to stay away from) but when you need a fix/want to be able to purchase instead of making all the time, I figured I would give it a shot.

– These are NOT gluten free. They contain whole wheat.-

First, a disclaimer. I am a tortilla snob. I’ve been eating some form of tortilla (either made by friends/neighbors or learning to make them myself) as far back as I can remember. Heck, who needs utensils when you have a tortilla to scoop up your food? So, as soon as we got home, I opened the package. I took a big whiff and … they smelled like tortillas. I turned on the griddle and waited. You can’t really know how a tortilla tastes if it’s not warm and slathered with butter.

I began heating it up. The first thing I noticed is they don’t puff up. That doesn’t really matter unless that’s what you are waiting for before flipping it over.

Once heated, I slathered with butter. The texture isn’t chewy but not brittle. The flavor is pretty dang good (not like those ancient grain ones with amaranth … before low carbing I tried those and hated them) with a very light “taste it in your nose” hint of oats. There really is no aftertaste (maybe a slight oatmeal-ish which is fine with me). So, I think we have a winner!

Even if I were to count all the carbs (instead of net carbs) one tortilla has 10 grams of carbs (with 8 grams of fiber I can fool myself a little since that’s only 2 net carbs)! That’s half my daily ration of carbs but sometimes you just have to suck it up! LOL! For science, of course. I even tested my blood sugar an hour later (hadn’t had anything to eat all day and was sucking on water and a sugar-free Rockstar) and it was 100 (has to be below 120 after a meal, though some say under 180 is o.k. but that’s another story).

With that being said, if you just have to have a tortilla, these are fantastic, relatively cheap, and so much easier than trying to make your own (and it’s not a crepe)!

November 22, 2013 Stats

Well, good Friday afternoon! This week has been a struggle to eat enough calories. I’ve been busy with my hands (either crocheting or playing a video game or looking up new crafty things to do). I haven’t been planning out my meals (like I usually do) so by the time dinner rolls around and I’m getting 800 calories for the day, I desperately find something to shove in my mouth (lately, beef jerky has been my “go to” food for extra calories and energy). I realized (too late into this illness) that I had to adjust my caloric intake due to being so damn sedentary. It’s so low that most of the time I can’t even throw in a protein shake because that will bring my protein grams too high.

The good news is, despite the fact that I was up again at 2 am coughing, I am determined to begin exercising again next week. I’ll start small. Doing weights will be fun. They are out in the garage (thankfully, this garage doesn’t leak or allow water to seep under the walls like the last one) and the mornings are getting pretty chilly for central California (can’t complain too much about that since some of my friends around the country are dealing with below freezing temperatures). So, I might be rocking my burnt orange sweatshirt instead of my girly tank top for lifting! lol Now that I’m thinking about it, I should embellish them so I feel a bit more feminine (I mostly wear men’s clothes). I never wear them in public, so why not?

Anyway, I’ve updated my stats. No change at all regarding measurements (did not do morning blood sugar since I was sucking down coffee at 2 am) BUT I now weigh 188! I have now lost 23 pounds! I can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes me, especially since most of my clothes are trying to slide off. I know once I start lifting again, the weight loss may slow down but my clothes will keep getting bigger and that’s all that matters to me! I hope you have a fantastic weekend (turkey’s already in the fridge because we have a super cold freezer and it takes more time). I can’t wait to try that sugar free pumpkin pie recipe! ūüôā

November 1, 2013 Stats

This time of year has always been difficult. This year, I am especially feeling sorry for myself. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday but with the mood I’ve been in I didn’t even attempt to buy “crap” candy to hand out … I would have eaten it because it was there. This week has been a roller coaster of not only emotions but weight. See, I’m still sick (and really tired of it). Now, it’s down to just an annoying cough but I almost thought it was more than that until we got some extra strength Mucinex. At least now, the gunk in my chest seems to be breaking up in a uniform fashion, instead of deciding to hold on for dear life for a day or more. Aside from my emotional state, my body is acting odd. If I drink less than 96 ounces of water, it decides I’m not getting enough and retains … it feels like all of it. My hands, lower legs, and face bloat up. Other than the bloating, I don’t feel any other symptoms (when I first got sick, I completely forgot to drink any water and my kidneys were messing with me … now it’s nothing like that). I think right now it’s just the perfect storm (still sick, want to hibernate because the seasons are changing, “can’t” have candy, and TOM).

It doesn’t help that my eating has been all over the place, either. I had been craving pizza … really good pizza. So, I told hubby to order some and I just won’t eat the crust. Well, that first night, that worked out great! The next day, not so much. The crust glued itself to the toppings and I just said, “F**k it” and ate probably about half a piece of crust total. That’s when the scale went nuts. I’ve gone from 195 last Friday to 200 and now back down to 197. And it wasn’t just the scale that went nuts. My blood sugar has, too. I read a few accounts of Mucinex messing with blood sugar but I won’t blame it. That first night of pizza and Mucinex, my blood sugar was 114 after dinner (it’s usually between 80 and 90 something). The next morning it had dropped to 67 (and this was before eating crust). I’m not sure if it was the extra cheese or mushrooms or what. The sauce wasn’t a factor because when we ask for light sauce, it’s barely enough to change the color of the crust (which is how we like it). I have no true way to gauge the calories because this isn’t a chain restaurant we go to. So, I’m sitting here, nit picking every single thing I have or haven’t done all week so bad that all I want to do is go hide on the couch and crochet (or play a video game). I’m being more active around the house (you know, actually doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, etc.) until I get too winded. Then, it’s back to crocheting or “killing demons”.

So, there you have it. This has been the ultimate “woe is life” week for me. Don’t you just feel sorry for me? ūüôā Have a great rest of your weekend! I’m going back to basics with my eating this week (you know, boring). We’ll see what kind of change that will show on next week’s stats (and my dumb mood). In the mean time, here are my stats from this week. Not much of a change (don’t know how I lost 1/2 and inch on my thigh but a loss is a loss!).

The Roll of Low Calorie Sweeteners in Weight Management

I can’t tell you how many times throughout the years that I have heard (read) that studies have shown a blood sugar spike when low calorie sweeteners are used.¬† Most of the time, I didn’t read the studies cited because, to be brutally honest, they were too long, too technical for my state of mind at the time, and frankly, I didn’t really care (obviously, this was pre-diagnosis).¬† Well, no, that’s not true.¬† Before I discovered I had type 2, I refused to use any artificial sweeteners (added chemicals, you know).¬† I figured it was better to use as much natural ingredients as I could.¬† I used mostly honey and unsulfured molasses (with cane sugar thrown in for good measure).¬† Then, today, I read this:

The researchers found that GLP-1 secretion was increased by 43% with the LCS-sweetened beverage compared with the carbonated water in those with type 1, but not type 2 diabetes.

Did you read that? Type 1, not type 2 diabetes! I did not see any differentiation in any of the headlines (or paragraphs) I have read all these years. Now, I know that certain types of artificial sweeteners CAN have a negative blood sugar response in some people (sugar alcohols) but it’s nice to know that (despite the observations of my own blood sugar reactions to Splenda and the occasional Aspartame consumption) that I should have read the dang studies all those years ago!

Fun Drug for the Plague :)

I just have to share. I have a cold (yes, I’m still whining about it). Last night was the first night I slept over 2 hours in close to two weeks and THIS is how I did it. Nectar of the gods! LOL!

So, Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

I am a married 40 something over-weight type 2 diabetic who intends to remain med free. That is pretty much all those pages up there, rolled into one sentence. Of course, if you want more information, just click on the pages above. I’m brutally honest about myself. I’ve been heavy as far back as I can remember (my first double chin was in 4th grade). I was resigned to remain that way until 2010, when I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. I began Atkins, lost 10 pounds (got off my meds though my doctor didn’t know about it), thought my blood sugars were under control since I wasn’t gaining any weight, so I fell off the wagon. At the beginning of August 2013, I went back to the doctor. I was wrong. So, I embarked on Atkins again but this time I could not control my blood sugars (amazing what happens when you continue to test yourself, huh?). While desperately searching for the cause of my blood sugar swings, I stumbled upon the nutritional Ketogenic diet. It has been a life saver (literally).¬† So, check out the pages above (see some awful pictures of me) for more information. On my stats page, you wil find my weight, measurements, and fasting blood glucose reading for the day and here you can find my physical training schedule.¬† I recently update the About 1972 Atkins page to include a snippet about the first week (Level 1) AND the menu included in the original book.

October 4, 2013 Stats

Well, good Friday morning everyone!¬† Boy, has this been a fun week.¬† I told you last week about weighing 199 for the first time in YEARS!¬† Well, I held that weight until Tuesday (can you believe it lasted that long?), when I woke up with a chest cold.¬† That day, I shot up to 201.¬† I searched online for illness and blood sugar numbers (that morning, my fasting blood sugar was 67 … lowest ever, which according to what I read is abnormal when sick.¬† Usually blood sugars rise) and stumbled on this article “6. A cold virus could make you fat. Could you blame that extra 15 pounds you‚Äôve gained on the cold you got last spring? It may not be a far-fetched idea.”¬† So, I didn’t really flip out.¬† Until this morning, when I stepped on the scale and it said 198!¬† I’m still sick but I’ve turned the corner (didn’t wake up at my normal time of 3 am last night) and I’ve blown through my frozen chicken stock!¬† I have to cook more! After reading up (and getting great advice on Fitocracy), I haven’t exercised since Monday. I slept when I needed to and did things around the house that I could manage. That’s it. Heck, last night was the first night when I felt good enough to cook!

I did things backwards today (excitement from being 198 or just fuzzy-headed), so I will be doing my stats after I post this.  Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

September 27, 2013 Stats

Well, good Friday morning everyone!  I think, after what seems like forever (actually, I consider September 16, 2013 my starting date on Keto since I have officially been in Ketosis since then), my body has officially adjusted to the Keto diet.  My blood sugars have only been over 100 twice: Once after eating some bell peppers with dinner (chicken fajita) and last night after eating some avocado yet both of those readings were around 110!

Now, for the bigger news (for exact numbers, check out my stats page).¬† I am down to 200.¬† Yeah, I know I’ve been there before a couple of times the past three years but this time is different.¬† I’ve been 200 for 2 days in a row!¬† As long as I’m not stupid (get dehydrated, eat flax meal) I should stay this weight for a few days (then hopefully get lower … that’s only happened once since 2010).

AND I’ve lost more inches (some spots that haven’t moved since this last round started in late July).¬† Overall, I’ve lost 3 inches since last week and I can SEE the difference (even though my hubby’s pants fall right off while I still have too much rear end for that to happen).¬† And I have yet to have a sugar low.¬† No desperate grab for anything to raise my blood sugar since September 16!

Exercise: I’ve made huge milestones on that front too!¬† Yesterday, I did my cardio (Core Rhythms Merengue Madness which I have been doing since the first week) and I lasted 43 minutes!¬† The only reason I stopped was because the muscles in my legs were angry, not because it felt like my lungs would explode!¬† Just to refresh memories, when I started doing cardio I lasted 10 to 15 minutes.

Before I end this post, I would like to tell you I added a very basic About Keto page.¬† Yes, it’s very basic.¬† But I would also like to point you to a resource that has been wonderful: Reddit (actually it’s /r/keto).¬† Yes, I know it’s been around quite a while but I’m a little slow on the uptick.¬† So, this is my go-to place for questions/rants/whatever.¬† It’s amazing seeing the progress so many people have made!¬† Maybe I’ll have hubby take some current pictures when we get back from Fry’s (he gets to finish building his computer today).¬† This time, I’m taking beef jerky, some pork rinds, and LOTS of water!¬† ūüėĬ† Have a great weekend, everyone!

September 20, 2013 Stats

Wow! What a week! My exercise schedule has just been “blah”. I overdid it on Tuesday (yeah, that’s the only day I really exercised) and it’s taken my hamstrings until today that I don’t have to use my arms to lower myself onto the toilet! Speaking of toilet … I think I’m just done with flax meal. I added 2 Tablespoons to my morning protein powder on Monday and it’s STILL working it’s way through my system (and the pain! You would think I scarfed a ton of pasta). After reading that information about chia seeds, I think those will replace this awful tasting painful nutritional additive! Hubby said he’s surprised I hadn’t thrown it out already. Aside from my history with exercise, I’m one stubborn person. I will keep trying until I am 200% convinced I can’t do something, learn something, or adjust.

My stats are pretty much the same aside from gaining a pound since last week (hopefully, it’s just leftover flax effect), my morning blood sugar being 11 points lower (82, down from 93 last week), and I lost 1 1/2 inches from my upper belly roll! ūüôā I’ve struggled all week with my eating and realized something. I always thought I was an “emotional eater”. After this roller coaster week, I was completely wrong. I am an “emotional faster”. A couple of days, I was lucky to hit 1000 calories. So, that explains the abysmal metabolism I’ve had throughout the years. Did I tell you about when I was in college (close to 20 years ago)? I was a single parent, had two young boys, was working full time, taking night classes, and in the process of preparing a house so we could move in (stripping wallpaper, painting, cleaning). In my nutrition class, we had to log all of our food intake for the week. Most of that week, I was living off of coffee or tea (sweetened with sugar) and MAYBE a peanut butter banana sandwich. As heavy as I was, my teacher thought I was lying! It’s amazing what you “realize” when you really look back at your life.

So, onward and downward (or upward if talking about my exercise). I’ve adjust my macros again (calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates) so my goals for this week is to hit them dead-on (or as close as I can). After meticulously researching, I am NOT going to take Januvia (like the doctor recommended) nor Metformin. I think my blood sugars are already headed in the right direction (and I read that Metformin works better alone, not paired with exercise). After this week of intestinal hell, I have added a new supplement to my diet: Probiotic pills. We’ll see if that keeps me more balanced (I don’t do yogurt … too many carbs).

Doctor, Low Carb, Weights, Anger

I need to find a new doctor.¬† I started seeing him because he was there for the birth of my husband (yeah, he’s that old).¬† The whole family goes to him.¬† But after today, I need to find a doctor that will support the changes I’ve made in my life.

So, the first words out of his mouth are, “Your blood sugar is out of control”.¬† Me: “I thought I was doing so much better than when I was here in July!”.¬† Him: “Well, your average is in the 160s.”¬† Me: “What does that mean?¬† Is it lower than it was last time?”¬† He looks … “Yes but we need to put you on medication.”¬† Me: “Oh, man.” Him: “Well, you don’t have to do anything if you want to go blind and lose limbs!”

I explained that I had been doing so good, read off my morning and evening blood glucose readings for the last few weeks and didn’t understand how my a1c could still be so high still.¬† I told him my exercise schedule (2 days cardio, 3 days weights) and he snapped, “Why are you lifting weights?¬† Have you ever seen a skinny weight lifter?”¬† Me: “But I’ve lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks!” Him: “Oh.” Now comes diet.

I told him I started on Atkins, then switched.¬† Before I could even tell him anything else, “So, what do you eat for breakfast?” Me: “A couple of eggs with some cheese”.¬† Him: “And lunch?”¬† I think for a minute … Him: “Is it really that hard for you to tell me what you eat for lunch?”¬† Me: “I’m down to about 20 carbs per day.” Him: “What? Do you eat potatoes, rice, oats, bread?” Me: “No.”¬† Him: “Well, we need to get you on a 2000 calorie/day diabetic diet.”

This is the third time he’s tried this one.¬† Let me show you just the two sample breakfasts they give:

Sample One:

2/3 cup Apple Juice (Apple Juice – 100 % Apple Juice- No Sugar Added – 29 g carb)
1/2 cup oatmeal (Quaker Oats Old Fashioned Oatmeal – Hot Oatmeal – 27 g carb)
2 slices Toast (Ezekial – Sprouted Grain & Seed Bread – 30 g carb)
1 soft-boiled egg
2 t. margarine (NEVER!)
1 cup 2% milk (Borden – 2% Reduced Fat Milk (8 Oz) – 12 g carb)

Sample Two

1 cup Orange Juice (Florida’s Natural – Premium Orange Juice Most Pulp No Sugar Added – 11 g carb)
3/4 cup Corn Flakes (Kellog’s – Corn Flakes Original – 18 g carb)
2 slices Toast (Ezekial – Sprouted Grain & Seed Bread – 30 g carb)
1 poached egg
2 t. margarine (NEVER!)
1 cup 2% milk (Borden – 2% Reduced Fat Milk (8 Oz) – 12 g carb)

So, he actually thinks it healthier for me to either have 98 grams (Sample One) or 71 grams (Sample Two) carbohydrates in a single meal than to continue with the way of eating that has already showed an improvement in my daily blood sugar readings?

That was it. He handed me two boxes of Januvia samples and wants me to come back in 3 months. I left sobbing. It’s not like I expected him to grab my hand and tell me what a good girl I’ve been but I did expect some kind of acknowledgement that I had worked hard and improved my health. Once I got home, I called the office back to find out what my a1c numbers were. July was 8.3 and last week’s was 7.5. That still didn’t make sense until that word average popped out on my computer screen. Average … so what was it really? I don’t give a shit about the average … I want to know what the actual number was last week (She couldn’t see any other numbers on the report). I want to know exactly how much of an improvement I made in 6 weeks. I guess I could do some Algebra but that will just irritate me. HA! I did it. So, my true a1c from last week was 6.7 … a 1.7 decrease in 6 weeks and he wants me to fundamentally change everything that has worked?

I am upset, sad, and angry.

Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

This article supports the answer I got when I asked if type 2 can be cured.¬† The answer I received was, “My suspicion is that it is like high blood pressure.¬† When you’re heavier, your BP may cross into abnormal ranges but be normal at lighter weights.¬† I believe type 2 diabetes is similar in its action.¬† In survival situations, many type 2, especially if it occurred late in life, will be improved simply due to dietary restrictions and increased activities of daily survival.¬† The word “cure”, however, is too strong.¬† If you gain weight or become a couch potato, it will come right back.”

Low Carb, Exercise and Diabetes

I have put off REALLY exercising until now.  I wanted to make sure my diet would support it without becoming cannibalistic.  After calculating how much protein, carbs, and fat I need for a normal day (and how to compensate for added exercise, especially weight training), I have a set schedule that I want out in the world.  This will make me even more accountable.  So, here it is.

Mondays: Ab Doer (which burns about 4 calories per minute), plus this routine: BEST Beginner Muscle Building/Strength Program: Day 1 Full Body plus cool-down walking (basically back and forth in my driveway) for 20 minutes.

Tuesdays: Ab Doer plus Cardio (I’m currently rotating between Core Rhythms Latin Dance, and three different Tae Bo videos) for as long as I can (got up to 18 minutes yesterday but working up to at least 30 minutes).

Wednesday: Ab Doer plus this routine: BEST Beginner Muscle Building/Strength Program: Day 2 Full Body plus cool-down walking for 20 minutes.

Thursday: Ab Doer plus Cardio (I’m currently rotating between Core Rhythms Latin Dance, and three different Tae Bo videos) for as long as I can.

Friday: Ab Doer plus this routine: BEST Beginner Muscle Building/Strength Program: Day 3 Full Body plus cool-down walking for 20 minutes.

Saturday: Ab Doer

Sunday: Not a dang thing.

Now, because I had to make room in the garage (it’s a functional single-car garage, so had to move the rototiller, various tools and mower out of the way), I didn’t start my weight training on Monday.¬† I figure I’ll do this setup for at least two weeks, then switch the muscle building routines around so I don’t get bored.¬† I currently only have a barbell, 2 7.5 pound weights and 4 25 pound weights.¬† My eyes were opened wide when I tried using the 7.5 pound weights and I couldn’t do it.¬† So, today I did this strictly with the barbell.¬† What an eye opener!¬† The inner-me is a manly man but it turns out I’m a weakling.¬† I can’t wait to change that!

Due to my really low carbohydrate intake, it was recommended adding carbohydrates 30 minutes to an hour prior to exercise (to feed the muscles).¬† I’ve been looking online for sugar free pre-exercise foods and there is a lot more research I need to do.¬† Today, I just had breakfast (leftover mushroom pizzas) and worked out 30 minutes after eating.¬† Then, I had a scoop of protein powder (I bought a 5 pound container Twin Labs sugar free Vanilla protein powder in 2010 … yup, still have about half and that came in handy last night when I realized I had not had enough protein).¬† Since all I lifted was 10 pounds, I figured I didn’t tax myself enough to need any more.

If anyone’s interested, I’ve started using My Fitness Pal.¬† Until I get a really good nutrient content book, this was the only way for me to really see what I was doing right (and wrong).¬† I’m putting everything I eat and drink in there (forgot about Rockstars … need to fix that) and will be putting all my exercise in there too.

August 30, 2013 Stats

It’s funny.¬† I’ve been fretting, moaning, and groaning all week because I weighed 207 pounds most of the week.¬† I hopped on the scale this morning and lost two pounds just to realize now, I’m exactly the same as I was last week!¬† LOL!¬† Anyway, I have updated my stats.

My blood sugar numbers have been all over the place (all within normal parameters) but with no extra carb intake, it’s been a little disturbing.¬† So, I’ve been reading (I’m in the process of reading The Ketogenic Diet).¬† I can’t give any opinion on the book yet, since I just started reading it about an hour ago.¬† I think (just think … have yet to test it out) that I am actually eating too much protein!¬† I never thought that excess protein could be converted into glucose for fuel.¬† So, I need to eat more fat?¬† How the heck do I do that without trying to eat spoonfuls of coconut oil or butter (doesn’t that just sound nasty?).¬† It’s not like I’ve lowered my fat intake by doing Atkins again (heck, lately my favorite fat for frying is lard) but … ~sigh~.¬† I don’t expect answers from you or really anyone else.¬† I’ll keep reading then test out this theory and let you know (probably next week).¬† But a quick search just now sent me to¬† One more website to add to my home page!¬† I will read everything I can get my hands on first.

As for exercise, I’ve discovered that it’s not good to use the Ab Doer BEFORE doing my Tae Bo!¬† Man, did it irritate my hips!¬† That’s all for now.¬† Happy Friday (and holiday weekend) to everyone!

Blood Sugar and Low Carb Diets

I just found an interesting website.¬† I went to it (via Google) looking for what exactly are normal blood sugar levels.¬† Here’s the link to that page:

Anyway, look around the site. There are some recipes for goodies that may be missed when going low carb and other interesting facts/figures.

Here’s the main site:

Grain free chocolate chip cookies

I like that there are no funky ingredients in these. If you are anti-Splenda, just substitute that with a sweetener of your choice or go without … the chips may make these sweet enough!

August 23, 2013 Stats

So, as you can see from various postings throughout the week, I’ve been focused on trying to add variety to my menu and life.¬† And now, after two weeks tomorrow and not really seeing a movement of my measurements I really need to exercise.¬† I have so many excuses (like now, with all the wildfires, there’s a lot of smoke in the air) but with every week I come up with a new excuse (my shoulder hurts or intestinal discomfort or whatever).¬† My life currently revolves around this computer (will be my son’s laptop as soon as his new hard drive arrives) and food (figuring out what to have for meals).¬† That’s pretty much it.¬† I think I mentioned using the gifted-to-me Ab Doer.¬† Well, it hurt my shoulder so I whined myself into not using until it’s healed (which was about 2 weeks ago but I still haven’t touched it).¬† The whine going through my head is: “I don’t want to” with an image of a little kid crossing his arms.¬† That has to stop if I ever want to be healthy.¬† It’s not like I can go work out in the yard for exercise (the smoke really is an issue there).¬† So, today (because I have it), is Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo.¬† I like that I don’t have to roll around on the ground (hard wood floors and no exercise mats of any kind).

Diabetics Vs Non-Diabetics

Just a quick observation.¬† I had never considered how the non-diabetic handles their foods/insulin/blood sugars.¬† All I knew, once I was diagnosed with type 2, was what’s “normal”.¬† So, last night I poked myself (113 after dinner Woo Hoo!).¬† Hubby wondered what his was, so I did his blood sugar.¬† This was while he was drinking a full sugar Pepsi, had tons of french fries and a bun with his cheeseburger: 89!¬† Yes, lower than I get in the mornings!¬† So, I guess those whose bodies know what they are doing remain relatively stable.¬† At least, that’s my current guess.¬† We are going to read his morning blood sugars some time and compare.¬† I was surprised.

August 16, 2013 Stats

I’ll do my best to officially weigh and measure on Fridays, again. I have added some websites and groups to the links (left side of page) instead of just having blogs up there.¬† Not quite sure why I hadn’t done that before!

I have managed to work in 6 8-ounce cups of water a day, in addition to everything else I drink throughout the day (which is 2 cups of coffee, iced tea, and one diet soda).¬† I’m adding a new category to my measurements: upper belly roll!¬† I’ve noticed over the past 2 months (or so) that my body is getting more definition but not smaller measurements (an example is me being able to actually feel hip bone … only in a small area but it’s there while standing up!).¬† Anyway, here are my stats for the week: My Stats.

High Morning Blood Sugar

So, yesterday was a funky day.¬† It started good (good breakfast).¬† Then, when I was almost hungry, I started fixing my salad for the day and pulled out some leftover chicken taco meat to add to my salad.¬† I almost had the shakes by the time I tossed the meat into the microwave only to discover that it was just a little past its expiration date.¬† Then, I got depressed.¬† I knew it then (low blood sugar) but it didn’t matter.¬† I wanted to pout.¬† The salad tasted awful (not really but in my “life sucks” head it did).¬† It took me about 30 minutes to stop feeling sorry for myself and heat up some other leftover meat and finish my lunch.¬† That pretty much ruined the rest of the day.¬† I have always tried to NOT eat anything between lunch and dinner, just so I have an appetite.¬† I did that yesterday and that just compounded everything.¬† By the time I had dinner, I was weak, almost shaking, and had a headache.¬† My post meal blood sugar was good (148) so I was happy.¬† I slept really hard, so I thought everything would be good this morning.

Nope!¬† Not only did I gain 2 pounds back but my blood sugar was 147 (supposed to be between 80 and 130).¬† So, to Google I went and found a possible answer.¬† My low blood sugar (brought on by not eating enough) yesterday might have been the cause (the weight gain … I don’t know but that didn’t help my attitude this morning).¬† We’ve also had a slight setback.¬† Hubby’s health issues have come back (same thing happened the last time I was hardcore Atkins) so I’ll just fix him some rice/pasta/bread with dinner.¬† I will not give up on Atkins this time.¬† I can’t.

Anyway, here’s the article on high morning blood sugars: