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Dr. Atkins’ Cheese Crackers

These were easy to make (really easy) and tasted good! I wouldn’t cut them into 20 pieces, like the recipe says, unless you want crackers the size of Cheez-Its. The crispy edges had a great flavor, so I think if we partially… Read More

Low Carb Food Storage

Well, since my switch in eating, I’ve been thinking about all of my food storage.  Boy, I have some adjustments to make!  Flour, sugar, jams and jellies (sugar-made), beans, white rice, oats, etc.  So, I went searching for suggestions online.  I found… Read More

“Spam” and Eggs … Help!

Well, it looks like my gallbladder was just one part of my health issue. Since having it removed in October, I started feeling a little better, then slowly went downhill. All my organs look good (especially the surgical area), so last week… Read More

Amazing Update – Our Bodies are Truly Amazing

January of 2010, as I have noted before, I was rushed to the E.R. I had developed an allergy to scallops, which branched out to all fish/seafood, then to latex, then to certain chemicals, etc. Two months later, I was diagnosed with… Read More

Product Review – Lowrey’s Bacon Curls

My mom is a Dollar Store fanatic.  She’s always shopping at this one or that one and gets all excited when a new one shows up.  We eat very specific foods (as you can imagine) so I don’t really shop at those… Read More

Low-Carb Muffins

I can’t remember if I posted this before but I was so excited to see a muffin recipe without flax meal! http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/breads/r/lowcarbmuffins.htm 2 cups almond flour/almond meal 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, melted 4 eggs… Read More

What is Wrong With “Normal” Foods?

I may not be the most “natural” eater (I do use supplements and Whey protein, after all) but I don’t understand some of the ingredients that are “must haves”. I’ve been reading (yes, mostly reading since I’m so out of shape) about… Read More

Atkins Cucumber Balls

From Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution, 1972 Serves 2 1 cucumber Basic French Dressing Slice the cucumber in half, lengthwise.  With a melon baller, scoop out the flesh of the cucumber.  Marinate in Basic French Dressing at least one hour.  Drain and serve…. Read More

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